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Herman, Clem (2021). Women in Computing Higher Education: Students, Educators and Researchers. In: Arnold, Gillian; Dee, Hannah; Herman, Clem; Moore, Sharon; Palmer, Andrea and Shah, Shilpa eds. Women in Tech: A practical guide to increasing gender diversity and inclusion. Swindon: BCS Publications, pp. 48–68.

Sondhi, Gunjan; Raghuram, Parvati; Herman, Clem and Ruiz-Ben, Esther (2019). Skilled Migration and IT Sector: A Gendered Analysis. In: Rajan, S. Irudaya ed. India Migration Report 2018: Migrants in Europe. New Delhi: Routledge.

Herman, Clem and Kirkup, Gill (2018). Combining feminist pedagogy and transactional distance to create gender-sensitive technology-enhanced learning. In: Aneja, Anu ed. Gender and Distance Education: Indian and International Contexts. Routledge India, pp. 10–29.

Herman, Clem; Hodgson, Barbara; Kirkup, Gill and Whitelegg, Elizabeth (2011). Innovatory educational models for women returners in science, engineering and technology professions. In: Jackson, Sue; Malcolm, Irene and Thomas, Kate eds. Gendered Choices: Learning Work Identities in Lifelong Learning. Lifelong Learning Book Series (15). London, U.K. and New York, NY, U.S.: Springer, pp. 53–68.

Hodgson, Barbara and Herman, Clem (2010). Re/constructing engineering and technology careers: support for women returners in the UK. In: Godfroy-Genin, Anne-Sophie ed. Women in Engineering and Technology Research. Berlin: Lit Verlag, pp. 489–504.

Donelan, Helen; Herman, Clem; Kear, Karen and Kirkup, Gill (2009). Online participation: Shaping the networks of professional women. In: Dumova, Tatyana and Fiordo, Richard eds. Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends, Volume 2. UK: Information Science Reference, pp. 270–280.

Herman, Clem (2009). Paying the price: The impact of maternity on career progression of women scientists and engineers in Europe. In: Beiträge von Ihsen, Susanne; Klumpers, Johannes; Pageler, Sylke; Ulrich, Roya and Wieneke-Toutaoui, Burghilde eds. Gender and Diversity in Engineering and Science. Dusseldorf: VDI - The Association of German Engineers, pp. 47–56.

Herman, Clem (2008). Crossing the digital divide: experiences of gender and technology in a community ICT centre. In: Van Slyke, C. ed. Information Communication Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. Hershey, New York: IGI Global.

Herman, Clem (2006). Crossing the digital divide: experiences of gender and technology in a community ICT Centre. In: Trauth, Eileen M. ed. Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology [2 vols.], Volume 1. Hershey, PA, USA: Idea Group Reference, pp. 154–159.

Ellen, Debbie and Herman, Clem (2005). Women’s training revisited: developing new learning pathways for women IT technicians using a holistic approach. In: Turner, Eva ed. The Gender politics of ICT. UK: Middlesex University Press, pp. 251–264.

Herman, Clem (2003). Becoming digital: empowerment, identity and community ICTs. In: Mortberg, Christina M.; Elovaara, Pirjo and Lundgren, Agneta eds. How do we make a difference?: Information Technology, Transnational Democracy and Gender. Lulea, Sweden: Lulea University of Technology/Luleå Tekniska Universitet, pp. 237–250.

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Herman, Clem; Gracia, Rosaria; MacNiven, Lesley; Clark, Bernie and Doyle, Geraldine (2019). Using a Blended Learning Approach to support Women returning to STEM. Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning, 34(1) pp. 40–60.

Herman, Clem and Butler, Diane (2019). [Editorial] Innovations in STEM distance education. Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning, 34(1) pp. 1–5.

Herman, Clem; Lewis, Suzan and Humbert, Ann Laure (2013). Women scientists and engineers in European companies: putting motherhood under the microscope. Gender Work and Organisation, 20(5) pp. 467–478.

Herman, Clem and Lewis, Suzan (2012). Entitled to a sustainable career? Motherhood in science, engineering and technology. Journal of Social Issues, 68(4) pp. 767–789.

Herman, Clem (2011). After a career break: supporting women returning to ICT. International Journal of Gender Science and Technology, 3(2) pp. 536–543.

Herman, Clem and Webster, Juliet (2010). Taking a lifecycle approach: redefining women returners to science, engineering and technology. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 2(2) pp. 179–205.

Donelan, Helen; Herman, Clem; Kear, Karen and Kirkup, Gill (2009). Patterns of online networking for women’s career development. Gender in Management: An International Journal, 24(2) pp. 92–111.

Herman, Clem and Webster, Juliet (2007). Editorial Comment. Information Communication and Society, 10(3) pp. 279–286.

Bissell, Christopher; Chapman, David; Herman, Clem and Robinson, Lee (2003). Still a gendered technology?: Issues in teaching ICT at the UK Open University. European Journal of Engineering Education, 28(1) pp. 27–35.

Herman, Clem (2001). From Visions to Reality: Changing Women's Perspectives at the Village Hall. ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society, 31(4) pp. 15–22.

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Herman, Clem; Kendall-Nicholas, Jane and Sadler, Wendy (2023). People like me—Encouraging girls to see themselves in STEM careers. In: AIP Conference Proceedings, 3040(1), article no. 060006.

Corneliussen, Hilde G.; Herman, Clem and Gajjala, Radhika (2018). ICT Changes Everything! But Who Changes ICT? In: This Changes Everything – ICT and Climate Change: What Can We Do? (Kreps, David; Ess, Charles; Louise, Leenen and Kai, Kimppa eds.), HCC13 2018. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, Springer, Cham, pp. 250–257.

Herman, Clem; Donelan, Helen; Jefferis, Helen and Hughes, Janet (2018). Entering STEM in later life: examining the motivations of adult women studying computing. In: 4th Biennial Network Gender and STEM Conference: Reimagining Who Does STEM and Why, 31 Jul - 2 Aug 2018, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA.

Herman, Clem; Morton, Pat and Butcher, Jane (2012). Changing discourses in women and science policy: responding to austerity in gender and SET. In: British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2012 - Sociology in an Age of Austerity, 11-13 Apr 2012, University of Leeds.

Herman, Clem (2011). Returning to SET: reflections on an online module. In: European Gender Summit: Quality Research and Innovation Through Equality, 8-9 Nov 2011, Brussels, Belgium.

Herman, Clem and Peachey, Anna (2011). Second Life, second chance: using virtual worlds to supportwomen returning to SET. In: 6th European Conference on Gender and ICT, 08-10 Mar 2011, Umea, Sweden.

Herman, Clem (2010). “I should be so lucky”: women returners narratives of transition between family and work. In: Equality Diversity Inclusion Conference, 14-16 Jul 2010, Vienna, Austria.

Herman, Clem; Lewis, Suzan and Humbert, Anne Laure (2010). ‘Accommodating’ female scientists and engineers: changing organisational cultures or just being exceptional? In: Gender Work and Organisation, 21-23 Jun 2010, University of Keele.

Herman, Clem; Lewis, Suzan and Humbert, Anne (2009). Part time working as a gendered sub-culture in SET: A cross cultural study. In: Equal Opportunities International Conference, 15-17 Jul 2009, Istanbul.

Herman, Clem and Hodgson, Barbara (2008). Articulating Work Life Balance: Perspectives of Women Returners to STEM. In: International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES 14): 'A Changing world: new opportunities for women engineers and scientists', 15-18 Jul 2008, Lille, France.

Herman, Clem and Carter, Ruth (2008). Empowering women to return to their SET careers. In: Proceedings of 12th International GASAT Conference, 3-8 Sep 2006, University of Brighton.

Hodgson, Barbara and Herman, Clem (2007). Re/constructing engineering and technology careers: support for women returners in the UK. In: Women in Engineering and Technology Research: PROMETEA International Conference, 26-27 Oct 2007, Paris.

Herman, Clem (2007). Public discourses private lives: East and West European Women’s careers in Science, Engineering and Technology. In: 5th Gender Equality and Higher Education Conference, 28-31 Aug 2007, Humboldt University Berlin.

Herman, Clem and Ellen, Debbie (2005). Women IT Technicians: moving through the glass partition. In: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives: Integrating Research on Girls Choices of IT Careers, 31 Jul - 3 Aug 2005, University of Oxford, UK.

Ellen, Debbie and Herman, Clem (2005). Vendor-specific certifications: lessons and experiences from two women’s training centres in the UK offering MCSE training. In: JVET Sixth International Conference Researching Policy and Practice in Vocational Education and Training, 13-15 Jul 2005, University of Oxford, UK.

Kear, Karen; Monk, John and Herman, Clem (2002). Cyborgs in groups. In: ALT-C 2002: learning technologies for communication, 9-11 Sep 2002, Sunderland, UK.

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Herman, Clem; Kendall-Nicholas, Jane and Sadler, Wendy (2018). People Like Me Evaluation Report. The WISE Campaign, Leeds.

Herman, Clem (2009). It's not the break that's the problem: Women SET professionals and career breaks in European companies. Women in Science and Technology: Creating Sustainable Careers EUR 23; DG for Research: European Communities, Brussels.


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