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Emsley, Clive (2018). ‘Du concept à l’institution: Les spécifités du mot “police” en langue anglaise’. In: Cicchini, Marco and Denis, Vincent eds. Le Nœud gordien. Police et justice: des Lumières à l’État libéral (1750-1850). Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland: Georg, pp. 47–69.

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Emsley, Clive (2006). Recidivists and recidivism: some broad conclusions from the English experience. In: Briegel, Francoise and Porret, Michel eds. Le criminal endurci: Recidive e trecidivists du Moyen Age au XXe siecle. Geneva: Droz, pp. 171–185.

Emsley, Clive (2005). Sergeant Goddard: the story of a rotten apple or a diseased orchard? In: Srebnik, Amy Gilman and Levy, Rene eds. Crime and culture: an historical perspective. Advances in Criminology. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, pp. 85–104.

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Emsley, Clive (1996). Albion's fatal attractions: Reflections upon the history of crime in England. In: Emsley, Clive and Knafla, Louis A eds. Crime History and Histories of Crime: Studies in the Historiography of Crime and Criminal Justice in Modern History. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, pp. 67–85.

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Williams, Chris and Emsley, Clive (2006). Beware of the Leopard? Police archives in Great Britain. In: Procter, M and Cook, M. G. eds. Political Pressure and the Archival Record. Chicago, UK: Society of American Archivists, pp. 227–235.


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