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Belshaw, Christopher (2021). Life. In: Byerly, T. Ryan ed. Death, Immortality and Eternal Life. Routledge, pp. 134–148.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2016). Victims. In: Cholbi, Michael ed. Immortality and the Philosophy of Death. Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 3–20.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2015). Death, Pain, and Animal Life. In: Višak, Tatjana and Garner, Robert eds. The Ethics of Killing Animals. Oxford University Press, pp. 32–50.

Belshaw, Christopher (2015). Meat. In: Bramble, Ben and Fischer, Bob eds. The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat. Oxford University Press, pp. 9–29.

Belshaw, Christopher (2015). Immortality, Memory and Imagination. The Journal of Ethics, 19(3-4) pp. 323–348.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2014). The Value of Life. The Open University.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2012). A new argument for anti-natalism. South African Journal of Philosophy, 31(1) pp. 117–137.

Belshaw, Christopher (2012). Harm, change and time. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 37(5) pp. 425–444.

Belshaw, Christopher (2012). Death, value and desire. In: Feldman, Fred; Bradley, Ben and Johannsen, Jens eds. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death. Oxford Handbooks in Philosphy. Oxford, UK: OUP.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2011). Animals, identity and persistence. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 89(3) pp. 401–419.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2010). Privacy, confidentiality and harm. Nursing Ethics, 17(1) pp. 133–134.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2009). Annihilation: the sense and significance of death. Stocksfield, UK: Acumen Publishing.

Belshaw, Christopher and Kemp, Gary eds. (2009). 12 Modern Philosophers. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

Belshaw, Christopher (2009). Teaching ethics in universities and teaching professional ethics. In: Strain, John; Barnett, Ronald and Jarvis, Peter eds. Universities, Ethics and Professions. London/New York: Routledge, pp. 113–125.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2003). More lives, better lives. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 6(2) pp. 127–141.

Belshaw, Chris (2003). Landscape, parks, wilderness. In: Bingham, Nick; Blowers, Andrew and Belshaw, Chris eds. Contested Environments. Wiley.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2002). Death, brains, and persons. In: Fisher, Robert N.; Primozic, Daniel T.; Day, Peter A. and Thompson, Joel A. eds. Suffering, Death and Identity. Value Inquiry Book Series/Personalist Studies (135). Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, pp. 141–154.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2001). Environmental philosophy: reason, nature and human concern. UK, Canada: Acumen and McGill-Queens University Press.

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Belshaw, Christopher (2000). Later Death/Earlier Birth. Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 24 pp. 69–83.

Belshaw, Christopher (2000). Death, Pain and Time. Philosophical Studies, 97(3) pp. 317–341.

Belshaw, Christopher (2000). Identity and Disability. Journal of Applied Philosophy, 17(3) pp. 263–276.

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Belshaw, Christopher (1998). Gold. Theoria, 13(3) pp. 415–426.

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Belshaw, Christopher (1997). Abortion, Value and the Sanctity of Life. Bioethics, 11(2) pp. 130–150.

1993To Top

Belshaw, Christopher (1993). Asymmetry and Non-Existence. Philosophical Studies, 70(1) pp. 103–116.

1989To Top

Belshaw, Christopher (1989). Hume and Demonstrative Knowledge. Hume Studies, 15(1) pp. 141–162.

Belshaw, Christopher (1989). Scepticism and madness. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 67(4) pp. 447–451.


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