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Nogal, Ana; Tettamanzi, Francesca; Dong, Qiuling; Louca, Panayiotis; Visconti, Alessia; Christiansen, Colette; Breuninger, Taylor; Linseisen, Jakob; Grallert, Harald; Wawro, Nina; Asnicar, Francesco; Wong, Kari; Baleanu, Andrei-Florin; Michelotti, Gregory A.; Segata, Nicola; Falchi, Mario; Peters, Annette; Franks, Paul W.; Bagnardi, Vincenzo; Spector, Tim D; Bell, Jordana T; Gieger, Christian; Valdes, Ana M and Menni, Cristina (2023). A faecal metabolite signature of impaired fasting glucose: results from two independent population-based cohorts. Diabetes [Early Access].

Qannan, A; Bejaoui, Y; Izadi, M; Yousri, N; Razzaq, A; Christiansen, C; Martin, G; Bell, J; Horvath, S; Oshima, J; Megarbane, A; Ericson, J; Pourkarimi, E and Hajj, N (2023). Accelerated epigenetic aging and DNA methylation alterations in Berardinelli-Seip congenital lipodystrophy. Human Molecular Genetics, 32(11) pp. 1826–1835.

McAllan, Liam; Baranasic, Damir; Villicaña, Sergio; Brown, Scarlett; Zhang, Weihua; Lehne, Benjamin; Adamo, Marco; Jenkinson, Andrew; Elkalaawy, Mohamed; Mohammadi, Borzoueh; Hashemi, Majid; Fernandes, Nadia; Lambie, Nathalie; Williams, Richard; Christiansen, Colette; Yang, Youwen; Zudina, Liudmila; Lagou, Vasiliki; Tan, Sili; Castillo-Fernandez, Juan; King, James W. D.; Soong, Richie; Elliott, Paul; Scott, James; Prokopenko, Inga; Cebola, Inês; Loh, Marie; Lenhard, Boris; Batterham, Rachel L.; Bell, Jordana T.; Chambers, John C.; Kooner, Jaspal S. and Scott, William R. (2023). Integrative genomic analyses in adipocytes implicate DNA methylation in human obesity and diabetes. Nature Communications, 14, article no. 2784.

Christiansen, Colette E.; Arathimos, Ryan; Pain, Oliver; Molokhia, Mariam; Bell, Jordana T. and Lewis, Cathryn M. (2023). Stratified genome-wide association analysis of type 2 diabetes reveals subgroups with genetic and environmental heterogeneity. Human Molecular Genetics, article no. ddad093.

Villicana, Sergio; Castillo-Fernandez, Juan; Hannon, Ellis; Christiansen, Colette; Tsai, Pei-Chen; Maddock, Jane; Kuh, Diana; Suderman, Matthew; Power, Christine; Relton, Caroline; Ploubidis, George; Wong, Andrew; Hardy, Rebecca; Goodman, Alissa; Ong, Ken and Bell, Jordana (2023). Genetic Impacts on DNA methylation help elucidate regulatory genomic processes. Genome Biology, 24(1), article no. 176.

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Christiansen, Colette; Tomlinson, Max; Eliot, Melissa; Nilsson, Emma; Costeira, Ricardo; Xia, Yujing; Villicaña, Sergio; Mompeo, Olatz; Wells, Philippa; Castillo-Fernandez, Juan; Potier, Louis; Vohl, Marie-Claude; Tchernof, Andre; Moustafa, Julia El-Sayed; Menni, Cristina; Steves, Claire J.; Kelsey, Karl; Ling, Charlotte; Grundberg, Elin; Small, Kerrin S. and Bell, Jordana T. (2022). Adipose methylome integrative-omic analyses reveal genetic and dietary metabolic health drivers and insulin resistance classifiers. Genome Medicine, 14(1), article no. 75.

Roberts, Amy L.; Morea, Alessandro; Amar, Ariella; Zito, Antonino; El-Sayed Moustafa, Julia S.; Tomlinson, Max; Bowyer, Ruth C. E.; Zhang, Xinyan; Christiansen, Colette; Costeira, Ricardo; Steves, Claire J.; Mangino, Massimo; Bell, Jordana T.; Wong, Chloe C. Y.; Vyse, Timothy J. and Small, Kerrin S. (2022). Age acquired skewed X chromosome inactivation is associated with adverse health outcomes in humans. eLife, 11, article no. e78263.

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Christiansen, Colette; Potier, Louis and Bell, Jordana T (2021). Twins and family epigenetic studies of Type 2 Diabetes. In: Li, Shuai and Hopper, John L eds. Twin and Family Studies of Epigenetics. Translational Epigenetics, 27. Elsevier, pp. 105–118.

Christiansen, C.; Castillo-Fernandez, J. E.; Domingo-Relloso, A.; Zhao, W.; El-Sayed Moustafa, J. S.; Tsai, P.-C.; Maddock, J.; Haack, K.; Cole, S. A.; Kardia, S. L. R.; Molokhia, M.; Suderman, M.; Power, C.; Relton, C.; Wong, A.; Kuh, D.; Goodman, A.; Small, K. S.; Smith, J. A.; Tellez-Plaza, M.; Navas-Acien, A.; Ploubidis, G. B.; Hardy, R. and Bell, J. T. (2021). Novel DNA methylation signatures of tobacco smoking with trans-ethnic effects. Clinical Epigenetics, 13(1)

Mullins, Edward; Costeira, Ricardo; Lee, Karla A.; Murray, Benjamin; Christiansen, Colette; Castillo-Fernandez, Juan; Ni Lochlainn, Mary; Capdevila Pujol, Joan; Macfarlane, Heather; Kenny, Louise C.; Buchan, Iain; Wolf, Jonathan; Rymer, Janice; Ourselin, Sebastien; Steves, Claire J.; Spector, Timothy D.; Newson, Louise R. and Bell, Jordana T. (2021). Estrogen and COVID-19 symptoms: Associations in women from the COVID Symptom Study. PLOS ONE, 16(9) e0257051.

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Trejo Banos, Daniel; McCartney, Daniel L.; Patxot, Marion; Anchieri, Lucas; Battram, Thomas; Christiansen, Colette; Costeira, Ricardo; Walker, Rosie M.; Morris, Stewart W.; Campbell, Archie; Zhang, Qian; Porteous, David J.; McRae, Allan F.; Wray, Naomi R.; Visscher, Peter M.; Haley, Chris S.; Evans, Kathryn L.; Deary, Ian J.; McIntosh, Andrew M.; Hemani, Gibran; Bell, Jordana T.; Marioni, Riccardo E. and Robinson, Matthew R. (2020). Bayesian reassessment of the epigenetic architecture of complex traits. Nature Communications, 11(1)


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