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Gerli, Paolo; Mora, Luca; Zhang, Jun and Sancino, Alessandro (2024). Friends or enemies? Unraveling niche-regime interactions in grassroots digital innovations. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 202, article no. 123342.

Bannink, Duco; Sancino, Alessandro and Sorrentino, Maddalena (2024). Governance without we. Wicked problems and collaborative governance. Public Policy and Administration (early access).

Sancino, Alessandro; Scognamiglio, Fulvio; Corvo, Luigi; Imperiale, Francesca and Pasi, Giulio (2024). Institutionalizing Experimental Places for Inclusive Social Innovation: From Utopias to Heterotopias. Voluntas : international journal of voluntary and nonprofit organizations, 35 pp. 240–252.

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Sancino, Alessandro; Pagani, Michela; Corvo, Luigi; Braga, Alessandro and Scognamiglio, Fulvio (2023). Civic leadership for a transformative social economy: A comparison of city leadership constellations in Italy and the UK. In: Krlev, Gorgi; Wruk, Dominika; Pasi, Giulio and Bernhard, Marika eds. Social Economy Science. Oxford University Press, pp. 334–361.

Esposito, Paolo; Braga, Alessandro; Sancino, Alessandro and Ricci, Paolo (2023). The strategic governance of the digital accounting environment: insights from virtual museums. Meditari Accountancy Research, 31(2) pp. 366–380.

Barbera, Carmela; Nabatchi, Tina; Sancino, Alessandro and Sicilia, Mariafrancesca (2023). Monetary and symbolic rewards: do they matter for fostering co-commissioning and co-delivery of public services? Public Management Review [Early Access].

Imperiale, Francesca; Sancino, Alessandro; Fasiello, Roberta and Ricci, Paolo (2023). Governing public heritage assets with civil society: exploring the typologies of collaboration by the dominant actor. Journal of Management and Governance (Early Access).

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Bengo, Irene; Boni, Leonardo and Sancino, Alessandro (2022). EU financial regulations and social impact measurement practices: A comprehensive framework on finance for sustainable development. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 29(4) pp. 809–819.

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Potluka, Oto; Sancino, Alessandro; Diamond, John and Rees, James (2021). Place leadership and the role of the third sector and civil society. Voluntary Sector Review, 12(1) pp. 3–12.

Sancino, Alessandro; Budd, Leslie and Pagani, Michela (2021). Place leadership, policy making and politics. In: Sotarautu, Markku and Beer, Andrew eds. Handbook on City and Regional Leadership. Research Books in Urban Studie. London: Edawrd Elgar, pp. 57–70.

Ongaro, Edoardo; Sancino, Alessandro; Pluchinotta, Irene; Williams, Hannah; Kitchener, Martin and Ferlie, Ewan (2021). Strategic management as an enabler of co-creation in public services. Policy and Politics, 49(2) pp. 287–304.

Källström, Lisa; Mauro, Sara; Sancino, Alessandro and Grossi, Giuseppe (2021). The governance games of citizens and stakeholders’ engagement: longitudinal narratives. Local Government Studies, 47(5) pp. 859–885.

Cristofoli, Daniela; Trivellato, Benedetta; Sancino, Alessandro; Maccio’, Laura and Markovic, Josip (2021). Public network leadership and the ties that lead. Journal of Management and Governance, 25 pp. 251–274.

Sancino, Alessandro; Garavaglia, Christian; Sicilia, Mariafrancesca and Braga, Alessandro (2021). New development: Covid-19 and its publics—implications for strategic management and democracy. Public Money & Management, 41(5) pp. 404–407.

Garavaglia, Christian; Sancino, Alessandro and Trivellato, Benedetta (2021). Italian mayors and the management of COVID-19: adaptive leadership for organizing local governance. Eurasian Geography and Economics, 62(1) pp. 76–92.

Giacomini, Davide; Martini, Mattia; Sancino, Alessandro; Zola, Paola and Cavenago, Dario (2021). Corporate Social Responsibility Actions and Organizational Legitimacy at the Peak of COVID-19: a Sentiment Analysis. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 21(6) pp. 1043–1058.

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Campanale, C; Mauro, S G and Sancino, Alessandro (2020). Managing co-production and enhancing good governance principles: insights from two case studies. Journal of Management and Governance

Anessi-Pessina, Eugenio; Barbera, Carmela; Langella, Cecilia; Manes-Rossi, Francesca; Sancino, Alessandro; Sicilia, Mariafrancesca and Steccolini, Ileana (2020). Reconsidering public budgeting after the COVID-19 outbreak: key lessons and future challenges. Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, 32(5) pp. 957–965.

Esposito, Paolo; Ricci, Paolo and Sancino, Alessandro (2020). Leading for social change: Waste management in the place of social (ir)responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 28(2) pp. 667–674.

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Sancino, Alessandro; Carli, Giacomo; Giacomini, Davide and Pagani, Michela (2019). Coproduction of Public Leadership: The Engagement of Mayors With Citizens, Managers and Politicians. In: Academy of Management Proceedings, Academy of Management, 2019(1), article no. 12372abstract.

Hartley, Jean; Sancino, Alessandro; Bennister, Mark and Resodihardjo, Sandra L. (2019). Leadership for public value: Political astuteness as a conceptual link. Public Administration, 97(2) pp. 239–249.

Beer, Andrew; Ayres, Sarah; Clower, Terry; Faller, Fabian; Sancino, Alessandro and Sotarauta, Markku (2019). Place leadership and regional economic development: a framework for cross-regional analysis. Regional Studies, 53(2) pp. 171–182.

Sicilia, Mariafrancesca; Sancino, Alessandro; Nabatchi, Tina and Guarini, Enrico (2019). Facilitating co-production in public services: management implications from a systematic literature review. Public Money & Management, 39(4) pp. 233–240.

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Sancino, Alessandro; Grossi, Giuseppe and Sicilia, Mariafrancesca (2018). Between patronage and good governance: organizational arrangements in (local) public appointment processes. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 84(4) pp. 785–802.

Giacomini, Davide; Sancino, Alessandro and Simonetto, Anna (2018). The introduction of mandatory inter-municipal cooperation in small municipalities: preliminary lessons from Italy. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 31(3) pp. 331–346.

Sancino, Alessandro and Budd, Leslie (2018). City Leadership and Social Regeneration: The Potential of Community Leadership and the New Roles for Public Managers and Politicians. In: Sacchetti, Silvia; Christoforou, Asimina and Mosca, Michele eds. Social Regeneration and Local Development: Cooperation, Social Economy and Public Participation. New York/Oxon: Routledge, pp. 175–185.

Sancino, Alessandro; Rees, James and Schindele, Irene (2018). Cross-Sector Collaboration for Public Value Co-Creation: A Critical Analysis. In: Stout, Margaret ed. From Austerity to Abundance?: Creative Approaches to Coordinating the Common Good. Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management, 6. Emerald, pp. 59–73.

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Bryson, John; Sancino, Alessandro; Benington, John and Sørensen, Eva (2017). Towards a multi-actor theory of public value co-creation. Public Management Review, 19(5) pp. 640–654.

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Giacomini, Davide and Sancino, Alessandro (2016). Inter-Municipal Co-Operation in Italy: A Reform without Reformers? Regions Magazine, 303(1) pp. 19–21.

Sicilia, Mariafrancesca; Guarini, Enrico; Sancino, Alessandro; Andreani, Martino and Ruffini, Renato (2016). Public services management and co-production in multi-level governance settings. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 82(1) pp. 8–27.

Sancino, Alessandro (2016). The meta co-production of community outcomes: towards a citizens’ capabilities approach. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary Nonprofit Organizations, 27(1) pp. 409–424.

García García, María Jesús and Sancino, Alessandro (2016). Directly Elected Mayors vs. Council Appointed Mayors – Which Effects on Local Government Systems? A Comparison between Italy and Spain. In: Sadioglu, Ugur and Dede, Kadir eds. Theoretical Foundations and Discussions on the Reformation Process in Local Governments. Information Science Reference - IGI Global, pp. 288–303.

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Ruffini, Renato; Tuca, Mihaela; Sancino, Alessandro and Andreani, Martino (2014). The search of a new logic of public administration reforms: the case of metropolitan areas in Italy. In: 9th International Conference on European Integration, Realities and Perspectives, 16-17 May 2014, Galati, Romania, pp. 396–399.

Sancino, Alessandro; Meneguzzo, Marco and Cristofoli, Daniela (2014). Italian city managers: caged leaders? In: Diamond, John and Liddle, Joyce eds. European Public Leadership in Crisis? Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management (3). Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 75–84.

Borgonovi, Elio and Sancino, Alessandro (2014). Reshaping (local) public management in turbulent times: conceptualizing domains and providing recommendations for public managers. In: Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, 3-5 Dec 2014, Sydney.

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Sancino, Alessandro and Sicilia, Mariafrancesca (2013). The transactional and the relational approach to contracting out public services: how do they work? Journal of Finance and Management in Public Services, 11(1) pp. 1–13.

Meneguzzo, Marco; Sancino, Alessandro; Guenon, Marcel and Fiorani, Gloria (2013). New development: the crisis and European local government reforms”. Public Money and Management, 33(6) pp. 459–462.

Braga, Alessandro; Sancino, Alessandro and Sicilia, Mariafrancesca (2013). Gli enti locali tra crisi e spending review: quale ruolo per il non-profit? [Local authorities between crisis and spending review: what role for non-profit sector?]. Non Profit: diritto e management degli enti non commerciali, 19(2/3) pp. 21–36.

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Sancino, Alessandro (2012). Coinvolgimento degli stakeholder e generazione di valore condiviso nelle amministrazioni pubbliche [Stakeholder engagement and the creation of shared value in public organizations]. In: Fiorani, Gloria; Jannelli, Roberto and Meneguzzo, Marco eds. CSR 2.0 proattiva e sostenibile. Tra mercati globali e gestione della crisi. (Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0 proactive and sustainable. Between global markets and crisis management). Milan: Egea, pp. 127–142.

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Cristofoli, Daniela; Maccio, Laura and Sancino, Alessandro (2011). Managing successful networks: the case of intermunicipality collaboration”. In: ed. Yearbook of Swiss Administrative Sciences. Winterthur: Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Verwaltungswissenschaften, pp. 121–139.

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Sancino, Alessandro (2010). Debate: Community governance as a response to economic crisis. Public Money and Management, 30(2) pp. 117–118.

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Caperchione, Eugenio; Pattaro, Anna Francesca and Sancino, Alessandro (2009). Un confronto internazionale: come altri Paesi europei hanno declinato il Patto di stabilità interno

(An international comparison: how some European countries have applied the Internal Stability and Growth Pact).
In: Amatucci, Fabio; Pezzani, Fabrizio and Vecchi, Veronica eds. Le Scelte Di Finanziamento Degli Enti Locali. Milan: Egea, pp. 91–110.

Sancino, Alessandro and Turrini, Alex (2009). The managerial work of Italian city managers: an empirical analysis. Local Government Studies, 35(4) pp. 475–491.

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