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Barros, Daniela Melaré Vieira; Ikeshoji, Elisangela Aparecida Bulla; Santos, Vanessa Matos dos; Mello, Diene Eire; Santo, Eniel do Espírito and Okada, Alexandra (2022). ENSINO SUPERIOR EM TEMPOS DE PANDEMIA: personalização, envolvimento, autonomia e novas estratégias de aprendizagem. TICs & EaD em Foco, 8(2) pp. 24–44.

Buckingham Shum, Simon and Okada, Alexandra (2008). Knowledge Cartography for Controversies: The Iraq Debate. In: Okada, Alexandra; Buckingham Shum, Simon J. and Sherborne, Tony eds. Knowledge Cartography: software tools and mapping techniques. Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing, 1. Springer, pp. 249–265.

Buckingham Shum, Simon and Okada, Alexandra (2007). Knowledge Mapping for Open Sensemaking Communities. In: Researching open content in education - OpenLearn 2007, 31 Oct 2007, Milton Keynes, UK.

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Calonego, Renata; Coelho, Antonio Roberto Serra and Okada, Alexandra (2014). Social, open and personalised environments for communication and knowledge management between business and educational organisations. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business - i-KNOW '14, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.

Corrêa, André Luis; Rabello, Cíntia Regina Lacerda and Okada, Alexandra (2014). Reliability of web-based information in inquiry projects. In: Open Learning and Teaching in Educational Communities, Springer International Publishing, pp. 385–390.

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Edwards, Chris; Whitelock, Denise and Okada, Alexandra (2019). Did you really do this? E-authentication raising confidence in e-assessment. In: 9th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning - Innovations for Quality Education and Lifelong Learning (PCF9), 9-12 Sep 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edwards, Chris; Whitelock, Denise; Brouns, Francis; Rodríguez, M. Elena; Okada, Alexandra; Baneres, David and Holmes, Wayne (2019). An embedded approach to plagiarism detection using the TeSLA e-authentication system. In: TEA 2018 Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference, 10-11 Dec 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Edwards, Chris; Holmes, Wayne; Whitelock, Denise and Okada, Ale (2018). Student Trust in e-Authentication. In: L@S '18: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, ACM, New York, article no. 42.

Edwards, C.; Whitelock, D.; Okada, A. and Holmes, W. (2018). Trust in online authentication tools for online assessment in both formal and informal contexts. In: ICERI2018 Proceedings (Gómez Chova, L.; López Martínez, A. and Candel Torres, I. eds.), 12-14 Nov 2018, Seville, Spain, IATED Academy, pp. 3754–3762.

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Ferguson, Rebecca; Childs, Mark; Okada, Alexandra; Sheehy, Kieron; Tatlow-Golden, Mimi and Childs, Anna (2020). Creating a Framework of fun and Learning: Using Balloons to Build Consensus. In: 14th European Conference on Games Based Learning - ECGBL 2020, 23-25 Sep 2020, Brighton (held virtually due to COVID).

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Laamanen, Merja; Ladonlahti, Tarja; Uotinen, Sanna; Okada, Alexandra; Bañeres, David and Koçdar, Serpil (2021). Acceptability of the e-authentication in higher education studies: views of students with special educational needs and disabilities. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 18(4)

Little, Suzanne; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra and Scott, Peter (2011). Formal metadata and shared experiences for discovering tools to adapt Open Educational Resources. In: 2011 Seventh International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet-Based Systems, pp. 147–153.

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Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra; Correa, Andre and Scott, Peter (2020). Inquiry-Based Learning on the Cloud. In: Information Resources Management Association ed. Cognitive Analytics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. IGI Global, pp. 529–549.

Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra; Correa, Andre and Scott, Peter (2016). Inquiry-Based Learning on the Cloud. In: Chao, Lee ed. Handbook of Research on Cloud-Based STEM Education for Improved Learning Outcomes. Hershey PA, USA: Information Science Reference, pp. 291–310.

Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra and Scott, Peter (2013). Personal Learning Environments for Inquiry-Based Learning. In: PLE conference 2013: Learning and Diversity in the Cities of the Future, July 2013, Proceedings, pp. 227–237.

Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra; Scott, Peter; Rusman, Ellen; Specht, Marcus; Stefanov, Krassen; Boytchev, Pavel; Protopsaltis, Aristidis; Held, Paul; Hetzner, Sonia; Kikis-Papadakis, Kathy and Chaimala, Foteini (2013). weSPOT: A personal and social approach to inquiry-based learning. Journal of Universal Computer Science, 19(14) pp. 2093–2111.

Meister, Izabel Patricia; Okada, Alexandra and Mikroyannidis, Alexander (2012). An OER collaborative environment: Openscout tool library and colearn community. In: IADIS International Conference: e-Society 2012, 10-13 Mar 2012, Berlin, Germany.

Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra; Scott, Peter; Rusman, Ellen; Specht, Marcus; Stefanov, Krassen; Protopsaltis, Aristos; Held, Paul and Hetzner, Sonia (2012). weSPOT: a cloud-based approach for personal and social inquiry. In: 1st International Workshop on Cloud Education Environments, 15-16 Nov 2012, Antigua, Guatemala.

Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra and Connolly, Teresa (2011). Adapting and sharing open educational resources: a social networking approach. In: Workshop on Social Network and Augmented/Virtual Reality Technologies Enhanced Learning at 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2011), 6-8 Jul 2011, Athens, Georgia, USA.

Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra; Little, Suzanne and Connolly, Teresa (2011). Supporting the collaborative adaptation of Open Educational Resources: The OpenScout Tool Library. In: ED-MEDIA 2011: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, 27 Jun - 1 Jul 2011, Lisbon, Portugal.

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Okada, Alexandra; Souza, Karine Pinheiro de; Struchiner, Miriam; Rabello, Cíntia and Rosa, Luziana Quadros da (2023). Open schooling to empower Brazilian teachers: Emancipatory fun in education for a sustainable innovation ecosystem. In: Holliman, Andrew J. and Sheehy, Kieron eds. Overcoming Adversity in Education. London: Routledge, pp. 234–248.

Okada, Alexandra (2022). Online learning and fun to enhance enjoyment and retention in Higher
Education during COVID-19.
In: Dias, Paulo and Freitas, João Correia de eds. Digital, Distance and Networked Education. Portugal: Universidade Aberta de Portugal, pp. 111–123.

Okada, Alexandra and Whitelock, Denise (2019). An Evaluation Methodology Applied to Trust-Based Adapted Systems for e-Assessment: Connecting Responsible Research and Innovation with a Human-Centred Design Approach. In: Besora, David; Guerrero Roldán, Ana Elena and Rodríguez González, M. Elena eds. Engineering Data-Driven Adaptive Trust-based e-Assessment System: Challenges and Infrastructure Solutions. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, 34. Springer, pp. 239–265.

Okada, Alexandra; Noguera, Ingrid; Aleksieva, Lyubka; Rozeva, Anna; Kocdar, Serpil; Brouns, Francis; Whitelock, Denise and Guerrero-Roldán, Ana-Elena (2019). Pedagogical approaches for e-assessment with authentication and authorship verification in Higher Education. British Journal of Educational Technology, 50(6) pp. 3264–3282.

Okada, Alexandra; Kowalski, Raquel Pasternak Glitz; Kirner, Claudio and Torres, Patrícia Lupion (2019). Factors influencing teachers’ adoption of AR inquiry games to foster skills for Responsible Research and Innovation. Interactive Learning Environments, 27(3) pp. 324–335.

Okada, A.; Rocha, K.; Fuchter, S.; Zucchi, S. and Wortley, D. (2019). Formative assessment of inquiry skills for Responsible Research and Innovation using 3D Virtual Reality Glasses and Face Recognition. In: Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference (TEA 2018): Revised Selected Papers (Draaijer, Silvester; Joosten-ten Brinke, Desirée and Ras, Eric eds.), Communications in Computer and Information Science, pp. 91–101.

Okada, Alexandra; Whitelock, Denise; Holmes, Wayne and Edwards, Chris (2018). Student acceptance of online assessment with e-authentication in the UK. In: 20th International Conference Technology Enhanced Assessment (TEA 2017): Revised Selected Papers, Communications in Computer and Information Science, pp. 109–122.

Okada, Alexandra; Rocha, Ana Karine; Whitelock, Denise; Furchter, Simone and Zucchi, Sangar (2017). Peer​ ​Learning​ ​And​ ​Assessment-in-Context​ ​With​ ​3D​ ​Immersive​ ​Glasses. In: 7th European Immersive Education Summit (EiED 2017), 16-19 Nov 2017, Lucca and Pisa, Italy.

Okada, Alexandra; Whitelock, Denise and Holmes, Wayne (2017). Students’ views on trust-based e-assessment system for online and blended environments. In: The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference, 25-27 Oct 2017, Open University, Milton Keynes.

Okada, Alexandra and Rocha, Ana Karine (2017). Responsible Research and Innovation for Contemporary Education. In: The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference, 25-27 Oct 2017, Open University Milton Keynes (UK).

Okada, Alexandra (2014). Scaffolding school students’ scientific argumentation in inquiry-based learning with evidence maps. In: Okada, Alexandra; Buckingham Shum, Simon J. and Sherborne, Tony eds. Knowledge Cartography: Software Tools and Mapping Techniques. Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing. London: Springer London, pp. 135–172.

Okada, Alexandra; Rabello, Cíntia and Ferreira, Giselle (2014). Developing 21st century skills through colearning with OER and social networks. In: Challenges for Research into Open & Distance Learning: Doing Things Better – Doing Better Things, European Distance and E-Learning Network, pp. 121–130.

Okada, Alexandra (2014). Mapas do conhecimento com recursos educacionais abertos aplicados à coaprendizagem baseada em coinvestigação. In: Torres, Patrícia ed. Complexidade : Redes e Conexões na Produção do Conhecimento. Curitiba:: SENAR - PR, pp. 213–237.

Okada, Alexandra and Ferreira, Giselle (2014). Co-authorship and colearning through Open Educational Resources at UKOU. In: ALT-C 2014 Learning technology Conference, 1 Sep 2014, Warwick, UK.

Okada, Alexandra; Meister, Izabel; Mikroyannidis, Alexander and Little, Suzanne (2013). "Colearning" - Collaborative Open Learning through OER and Social Media. In: Okada, Alexandra ed. Open Educational Resources and Social Networks. São Luís - MA: EdUEMA, pp. 46–56.

Okada, Alexandra (2013). Social media for enriching collaborative open learning and collective knowledge. In: Social Media 2013 - 18th International Education Technology Conference, 1-3 Aug 2013, Hong Kong, China.

Okada, Alexandra; da Conceição Pinto, Sônia; Ribeiro, Silvar and Roberto Coelho Serra, Antonio (2013). Desarrollo de competencias esenciales en la Cibercultura con co-aprendizaje basado en co-investigación. In: Sexto Congreso Internacional de Aprendizaje y Cibersociedad, 14-15 Nov 2013, Madrid, Spain.

Okada, Alexandra; Meister, Izabel and Barros, Daniela Melaré Vieira (2013). Refletindo sobre avaliação na era da co-aprendizagem e co-investigação. In: Livro de resumos da CATES 2013 - 1ª Conferência internacional Avaliação e Tecnologias no Ensino Superior.

Okada, Alexandra and Barros, Daniela Melaré Vieira (2013). Os estilos de coaprendizagem para as novas características da educação (3.0). In: VIII International Conference on ICT in Education - Challenges 2013, 15-16 Jul 2013, Braga, Portugal.

Okada, Alexandra; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Meister, Izabel and Little, Suzanne (2012). “Colearning” - collaborative networks for creating, sharing and reusing OER through social media. In: Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education, 16-18 Apr 2012, Cambridge, UK.

Okada, Alexandra and Leslie, Scott (2012). Open educators and colearners as DJs: reuse, remix, and recreate OER collaboratively! In: Okada, Alexandra; Connolly, Teresa and Scott, Peter eds. Collaborative Learning 2.0: Open Educational Resources, Volume 1. 2012: Information Science Reference, pp. 78–102.

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Pinto, Sônia Maria da Conceição; Ribeiro, Silvar Ferreira and Okada, Alexandra (2013). Formação em rede para inclusão digital de educadores de telecentro. In: Colóquio Luso-Brasileiro de Educação a Distância e Elearning, Universidade Aberta. LEAD,.

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Rosa, Luziana Quadros da; Souza, Marcio Vieira de and Okada, Alexandra (2020). Open schooling with RRI for a significant participation of indigenous communities in network education. The Brazilian Journal of Education Policy and Administration, 36(3) pp. 1046–1067.

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Serra, Antonio Roberto Coelho and Okada, Alexandra (2014). Mobilidade aberta: coaprendizagem e coinvestigação em ambientes acadêmicos. In: IKASNABAR 2014: 7th International Conference on Open Education and Educational Technology, 24-26 Jun 2014, Bilbao, Spain, pp. 242–259.

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Torres, Patricia Lupion; Santos, Katia Ethiénne Esteves dos; Kowalski, Raquel Pasternak Glitz and Okada, Alexandra (2017). Experience of Environmental Education using Responsible Research and Innovation of the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná in the European Project Engage. Revista Diálogo Educacional, 17(55) pp. 1530–1554.

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Yáñez, Cristina; Okada, Alexandra and Palau, Ramon (2015). New learning scenarios for the 21st century related to Education, Culture and Technology. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal, 12(2) pp. 87–102.


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