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Fox, Alison and Poultney, Val (2020). Teacher professional learning through lesson study: teachers' reflections. International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies, 9(4) pp. 397–412.

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Busher, Hugh and Fox, Alison (2019). Chapter 1 – Introduction: Overview of the book. In: Busher, Hugh and Fox, Alison eds. Implementing Ethics in Educational Ethnography: Regulation and Practice. London: Routledge, pp. 1–16.

Fox, Alison and Mitchell, Rafael (2019). Ethical learning from an educational ethnography: the application of an ethical framework in doctoral supervision. In: Busher, Hugh and Fox, Alison eds. Implementing Ethics in Educational Ethnography: Regulation and Practice. London: Routledge, pp. 110–126.

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Showunmi, Victoria and Fox, Alison (2018). Exploring research methods for educational leadership. Management in Education, 32(1) pp. 3–5.

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Fox, Alison and Bird, Terese (2017). #any use? What do we know about how teachers and doctors learn through social media use? Qwerty - Open and Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education, 12(2) pp. 64–87.

Fox, Alison and Mitchell, Rafael (2017). Application and development of an ethical framework in ethnographic research at a government primary school in Ethiopia. In: ECER Annual Conference 2017, 22-25 Aug 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark, ECER annual conference 2017.

Leornardi, Sarah; Archer, Rachael; Tazzyman, Sarah; Burkin, Guy; Choudhoury, Arifa; Cork, Lorna and Fox, Alison (2017). Leadership Curriculum Evaluation: Final Report DFE- RR639. Department for Education, London.

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Bird, T. and Fox, A. (2016). Exploring Digital Literacy to Connect Less-Advantaged Pupils with Opportunity. In: ALT-C Annual Conference 2016, 6-8 Sep 2016, University of Warwick, UK.

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Bird, T. and Fox, A. (2015). TwitterFlipping the Classroom: Social Media for Independent Learning through Teacher-Student and Teacher-Teacher Collaborations. In: ALT-C Annual Conference 2015, 8-10 Sep 2015, University of Manchester.

Fox, A.; Poultney, V.; Brown, A.; Rawes, N. and Silverthorne, J. (2015). "I see inquiry as a normal part of my professional practice": A critical examination of practitioners' experiences from one Midlands Teaching School Alliance. In: BERA Annual Conference 2015, 15-17 Sep 2015, University of Belfast.

Poultney, V.; Fox, A.; Brown, A.; Rawes, N. and Silverthorne, J. (2015). The self-improving school: how leadership supports teacher inquiry. In: BERA Annual Conference 2015, 15-17 Sep 2015, University of Belfast.

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Fox, A. (2014). Valuing teachers’ diverse attitudes to and use of social media. In: ED-MEDIA 2014, 22-27 Jun 2014, Tampere, Finland.

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Owen, N.; Fox, A. and Bird, T. (2013). Teachers’ use (or not use) of social media for their professional learning: a small-scale survey of English teachers. In: BERA Annual Conference 2013, 3-5 Sep 2013, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Fox, A. (2013). What is the experience of emerging as a school leader in the English context? In: ISATT Biennial Conference on Teachers and Teaching, 1-5 Jul 2013, Ghent, Belgium.

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Fox, A. (2012). Examining school leaders’ learning in practice: methodological choices and dilemmas. In: Oxford Ethnography in Education Conference, Sep 2012, Oxford.

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Fox, Alison; Wilson, Elaine and Deaney, Rosemary (2011). Beginning Teachers’ Workplace Experiences: Perceptions of and Use of Support. Vocations and Learning, 4(1) pp. 1–24.

Fox, A. and Wilson, E. (2011). Finding valued relationships: beginning teachers networking to meet their professional needs. In: European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction Biennial Conference, Sep 2011, Exeter.

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McCormick, Robert; Fox, Alison; Carmichael, Patrick and Procter, Richard (2010). Researching and Understanding Educational Networks. New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction. Abingdon: Routledge.

Fox, Alison; Deaney, Rosemary and Wilson, Elaine (2010). Examining beginning teachers' perceptions of workplace support. Journal of Workplace Learning, 22(4) pp. 212–227.

Fox, A. (2010). Becoming a teacher-leader: Exploring biographical representation of teachers’ experiences of transition. In: European Society for Research on the Education of Adults 'Life history and Biographical Research' network conference, 4-7 Mar 2010, Linnaeus University, Sweden.

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Fox, A. and McCormick, R. (2009). Events and professional learning: studying educational practitioners. Journal of Workplace Learning, 21(3) pp. 198–218.

Fox, A.; Deanet, R. and Wilson, E. (2009). Perceptions of the workplace by new teachers. In: Researching Workplace Learning 6th Annual Conference, 28 Jun - 3 Jul 2009, Roskilde, Copenhagen.

Fox, A. and Wilson, E. (2009). Networking for support: learning from the experiences of beginning science teachers. In: Teacher Education division of the American Educational Research Association Annual Conference, 11-14 Apr 2009, San Diego, USA.

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Fox, Alison and Wilson, Elaine (2008). Viewing recently qualified teachers and their networks as a resource for a school. Teacher Development, 12(1) pp. 97–99.

Fox, A. (2008). Exploring biographical approaches to understanding learning as identity: cases of emergent school leaders. In: ESREA ‘Access, Learning Careers and Identities’ Network Conference, 10-12 Dec 2008, Seville, Spain.

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James, M.; McCormick, R.; Black, P.; Carmichael, P.; Drummond, M. J.; Fox, A.; MacBeath, J.; Marshall, B.; Pedder, D.; Proctor, R.; Swaffield, S.; Swann, J. and Wiliam, D. (2007). Improving learning how to learn: Classrooms, schools and networks. TLRP Improving Learning Series. London, UK: Routledge.

Fox, Alison; McCormick, Robert; Procter, Richard and Carmichael, Patrick (2007). The design and use of a mapping tool as a baseline means of indentifying an organisation's active networks. International Journal of Research and Method in Education, 30(2) pp. 127–147.

Pegg, A. E. and Fox, A. (2007). Contrasting approaches to researching lifelong learning: the leadership group and individual biographies. In: Centre for Research into Lifelong Learning 4th International Conference, 22-24 Jun 2007, Stirling, UK.

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James, M.; Black, P; Carmichael, P.; Conner, C.; Dudley, P.; Fox, A.; Frost, D.; Honour, L.; MacBeath, J.; McCormick, R.; Marshall, B.; Pedder, D.; Proctor, R.; Swaffield, S. and Wiliam, D. (2006). Learning how to learn: Tools for schools. Improving Practice (TLRP). London, UK: Routledge.

McCormick, Robert; Fox, Alison; Carmichael, Patrick and Proctor, Richard (2006). Teachers' Learning through networks. In: AERA Annual Conference, 7-11 Apr 2006, San Francisco.


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