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Spicer, Robert A.; Farnsworth, Alex; Su, Tao; Ding, Lin; Witkowski, Caitlyn R.; Li, Shu-Feng; Xiong, Zhongyu; Zhou, Zhekun; Li, Shihu; Hughes, Alice C.; Valdes, Paul J.; Widdowson, Mike; Zhang, Xinwen; He, Songlin; Liu, Jia; Huang, Jian; Herman, Alexei B.; Xu, Qiang; Liu, Xiaoyan; Jin, Jianhua; Pancost, Richard D.; Lunt, Daniel J. and Zhang, Shitao (2025). The Progressive Co-evolutionary Development of the Pan-Tibetan Highlands, the Asian Monsoon system and Asian Biodiversity. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 549(1) (Early access).

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Abeywickrama, Dhaminda B.; Bennaceur, Amel; Chance, Greg; Demiris, Yiannis; Kordoni, Anastasia; Levine, Mark; Moffat, Luke; Moreau, Luc; Mousavi, Mohammad Reza; Nuseibeh, Bashar; Ramamoorthy, Subramanian; Ringert, Jan Oliver; Wilson, James; Windsor, Shane and Eder, Kerstin (2024). On Specifying for Trustworthiness. Communications of the ACM, 67(1) pp. 98–109.

Aedo, Ibai; Grimm, Uwe; Mañibo, Neil; Nagai, Yasushi and Staynova, Petra (2024). Monochromatic arithmetic progressions in automatic sequences with group structure. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 203, article no. 105831.

Al Hashimi, B.; Linara-Demakakou, E.; Harvey, S. C.; Harvey, K. E.; Griffin, D.K.; Ahuja, K. and Macklon, N. (2024). Double vitrification and warming of blastocysts does not affect IVF implantation rates, or birth outcomes. Reproductive BioMedicine Online (Early access).

Al-Refaia, Rana Abd Al-Aly Khamees; Alrikabi, Eman; Alkarimi, Ahmed Ali and Vasiliadou, Rafaela (2024). A New Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles and Its Application as a Beta-Hematin Inhibitor. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 24(1) pp. 152–159.

Alday, J; Aoki, S; DeWitt, C; Montmessin, F; Holmes, J A; Patel, M R; Mason, J P; Encrenaz, T; Richter, M J; Irwin, P G J; Daerden, F; Terada, N and Nakagawa, H (2024). Constraining the global composition of D/H and 18O/16O in Martian water using SOFIA/EXES. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 530(3) pp. 2919–2932.

Alvarez, Jose M.; Colmenarejo, Alejandra Bringas; Elobaid, Alaa; Fabbrizzi, Simone; Fahimi, Miriam; Ferrara, Antonio; Ghodsi, Siamak; Mougan, Carlos; Papageorgiou, Ioanna; Reyero, Paula; Russo, Mayra; Scott, Kristen M.; State, Laura; Zhao, Xuan and Ruggieri, Salvatore (2024). Policy advice and best practices on bias and fairness in AI. Ethics and Information Technology, 26, article no. 31.

Ambrus, Gergely; Balko, Martin; Frankl, Nóra; Jung, Attila and Naszódi, Márton (2024). On Helly numbers of exponential lattices. European Journal of Combinatorics, 116, article no. 103884.

An, Ruize; Zhang, Chen and Song, Dawei (2024). Eliminating Contextual Bias in Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. In: Advances in Information Retrieval (Goharian, Nazli; Tonellotto, Nicola; He, Yulan; Lipani, Aldo; McDonald, Graham; Macdonald, Craig and Ounis, Iadh eds.), Advances in Information Retrieval. ECIR 2024. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) , vol. 14608, Springer, Cham., pp. 90–107.

Anand, Pallavi; Bots, Pieter; Gagnon, Jessica; Appiah, Francis; Matera, Elena; Bhagwat, Shonil; Little, Susan; Riches, Amy; ChiFru, Ernest; Lawrence, Anya and Ngwenya, Bryne (2024). You can't climb a broken ladder: Examining underrepresentation of multiply-disadvantaged groups in secure and senior roles in UK geochemistry. Earth Science, Systems and Society, 4, article no. 10098.

Anand, Pallavi; Bots, Pieter; Gagnon, Jessica; Appiah, Francis; Maters, Elena; Bhagwat, Shonil; Little, Susan; Riches, Amy; ChiFru, Ernest; Lawrence, Anya and Ngwenya, Bryne (2024). You Can’t Climb a Broken Ladder: Examining Underrepresentation of Multiply-Disadvantaged Groups in Secure and Senior Roles in UK Geochemistry. Earth Science, Systems and Society, 4, article no. 10098.

Anderson, Jane and Jones, Derek (2024). Real and apparent variations in embodied carbon impacts provided in EPD for construction products. In: Azari, Rahman and Moncaster, Alice eds. The Routledge Handbook of Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp. 335–358.

Antonini, Alessio; Brooker, Sam and Škopljanac, Lovro (2024). Spontaneous transmedia co-location: Integration in memory. Memory, Mind & Media, 3, article no. e7.

Bakir, Mehmet Emin; Farrell, Tracie and Bontcheva, Kalina (2024). Abuse in the time of COVID-19: the effects of Brexit, gender and partisanship. Online Information Review (Early access).

Bakx, Tom J L C; Berta, S; Dannerbauer, H; Cox, P; Butler, K M; Hagimoto, M; Hughes, D H; Riechers, D A; van der Werf, P P; Yang, C; Baker, A J; Beelen, A; Bendo, G J; Borsato, E; Buat, V; Cooray, A R; Dunne, L; Dye, S; Eales, S; Gavazzi, R; Harris, A I; Ismail, D; Ivison, R J; Jones, B; Krips, M; Lehnert, M D; Marchetti, L; Messias, H; Negrello, M; Neri, R; Omont, A; Perez-Fournon, I; Nanni, A; Chartab, N; Serjeant, S; Stanley, F; Tamura, Y; Urquhart, S A; Vlahakis, C; Weiß, A and Young, A J (2024). A dusty proto-cluster surrounding the binary galaxy HerBS-70 at z = 2.3. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 530(4)

Bakx, Tom J. L. C.; Gray, Bethany S.; González-Nuevo, Joaquin; Bonavera, Laura; Amvrosiadis, Aristeidis; Eales, Stephen; Hagimoto, Masato and Serjeant, Stephen (2024). FLASH: Faint lenses from Associated Selection with Herschel. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 527(3) pp. 8865–8885.

Balcha, Ermias Sissay; Macey, Michael C.; Gemeda, Mesfin Tafesse; Cavalazzi, Barbara and Woldesemayat, Adugna Abdi (2024). Mining the Microbiome of Lake Afdera to Gain Insights into Microbial Diversity and Biosynthetic Potential. FEMS Microbes, 5, article no. xtae008.

Balcha, Ermias Sissay; Olsson-Francis, Karen; Stephens, Ben; Cavalazzi, Barbara; Woldesemayat, Adugna Abdi; Gemeda, Mesfin Tafesse and Macey, Michael C. (2024). Draft genome sequence of Bacillus sp. strain X and Salarachaeum sp. strain III isolated from Lake Karum, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia. Microbiology Resource Announcements (early access).

Baxter, John (2024). Harry Clifton and Harry Lauder – Their Impact on the Folk Repertoire. In: Roud, Steve and Atkinson, David eds. Jinny the Witch and Other Song Folk. Folk Song Papers (4). UK: The Ballad Partners, pp. 147–171.

Baxter, John (2024). Felix McGlennon: Manufacturing First-Class Songs. In: Roud, Steve and Atkinson, David eds. Jinny the Witch and Other Song Folk. Folk Song Papers (4). UK: The Ballad Partners.

Bell, Taylor J.; Crouzet, Nicolas; Cubillos, Patricio E.; Kreidberg, Laura; Piette, Anjali A. A.; Roman, Michael T.; Barstow, Joanna K.; Blecic, Jasmina; Carone, Ludmila; Coulombe, Louis-Philippe; Ducrot, Elsa; Hammond, Mark; Mendonça, João M.; Moses, Julianne I.; Parmentier, Vivien; Stevenson, Kevin B.; Teinturier, Lucas; Zhang, Michael; Batalha, Natalie M.; Bean, Jacob L.; Benneke, Björn; Charnay, Benjamin; Chubb, Katy L.; Demory, Brice-Olivier; Gao, Peter; Lee, Elspeth K. H.; López-Morales, Mercedes; Morello, Giuseppe; Rauscher, Emily; Sing, David K.; Tan, Xianyu; Venot, Olivia; Wakeford, Hannah R.; Aggarwal, Keshav; Ahrer, Eva-Maria; Alam, Munazza K.; Baeyens, Robin; Barrado, David; Caceres, Claudio; Carter, Aarynn L.; Casewell, Sarah L.; Challener, Ryan C.; Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Decin, Leen; Désert, Jean-Michel; Dobbs-Dixon, Ian; Dyrek, Achrène; Espinoza, Néstor; Feinstein, Adina D.; Gibson, Neale P.; Harrington, Joseph; Helling, Christiane; Hu, Renyu; Iro, Nicolas; Kempton, Eliza M.-R.; Kendrew, Sarah; Komacek, Thaddeus D.; Krick, Jessica; Lagage, Pierre-Olivier; Leconte, Jérémy; Lendl, Monika; Lewis, Neil T.; Lothringer, Joshua D.; Malsky, Isaac; Mancini, Luigi; Mansfield, Megan; Mayne, Nathan J.; Evans-Soma, Thomas M.; Molaverdikhani, Karan; Nikolov, Nikolay K.; Nixon, Matthew C.; Palle, Enric; Petit dit de la Roche, Dominique J. M.; Piaulet, Caroline; Powell, Diana; Rackham, Benjamin V.; Schneider, Aaron D.; Steinrueck, Maria E.; Taylor, Jake; Welbanks, Luis; Yurchenko, Sergei N.; Zhang, Xi and Zieba, Sebastian (2024). Nightside clouds and disequilibrium chemistry on the hot Jupiter WASP-43b. Nature Astronomy (Early Access).

Benford, Steve; Mancini, Clara; Chamberlain, Alan; Schneiders, Eike; Castle-Green, Simon; Fischer, Joel; Kucukyilmaz, Ayse; Salimbeni, Guido; Ngo, Victor; Barnard, Pepita and Adams, Matt (2024). Charting Ethical Tensions in Multispecies Technology Research through Beneficiary-Epistemology Space. In: Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '24), 11-16 May 2024, Honolulu, HI, USA, ACM, (Early access).

Berrar, Daniel (2024). Bayes' Theorem and Naive Bayes Classifier. In: Ranganathan, Shoba; Cannataro, Mario and Asif, Mohammed eds. Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2nd edition. Elsevier (In Press).

Berrar, Daniel (2024). Cross-validation. In: Ranganathan, Shoba; Mario, Cannataro and Asif, Mohammad eds. Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2nd edition. Elsevier (In Press).

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Berrar, Daniel (2024). Introduction to the Non-Parametric Bootstrap. In: Ranganathan, Shoba; Mario, Cannataro and Asif, Mohammad eds. Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2nd edition. Elsevier (In Press).

Beuchert, Tobias; Cayless, Alan; Darbellay, Frédéric; Dawid, Richard; Gustafsson, Bengt; Jordan, Sally; Macnaghten, Philip; McLoughlin, Eilish; Rossel, Christophe; Russo, Pedro; van Dyck, Luc; Weiss, François and von Weizsäcker, Ulrich (2024). Science for society. In: Hidalgo, Carlos ed. EPS Grand Challenges: Physics for Society in the Horizon 2050. IOP Publishing, 8-1-8-90.

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Boltz, Nicholas; Getir Yaman, Sinem; Inverardi, Paola; Lemos, Rogério de; Van Landuyt, Dimitri and Zisman, Andrea (2024). Human empowerment in self-adaptive socio-technical systems. In: 19th International Conference on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems, 15-16 Apr 2024, Lisbon, Portugal.

Bondi, M.; Scaramella, R.; Zamorani, G.; Ciliegi, P.; Vitello, F.; Arias, M.; Best, P. N.; Bonato, M.; Botteon, A.; Brienza, M.; Brunetti, G.; Hardcastle, M. J.; Magliocchetti, M.; Massaro, F.; Morabito, L. K; Pentericci, L.; Prandoni, I.; Röttgering, H. J. A.; Shimwell, T. W.; Tasse, C.; van Weeren, R. J. and White, G. J. (2024). LOFAR HBA observations of the Euclid Deep Field North (EDFN). Astronomy & Astrophysics, 683, article no. A179.

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Butler, Diane and Potter, Andrew (2024). Co-creation via student internships. In: Advance HE Students as Co-creators Symposium 2024, 31 Jan 2024, Online.

Cadeddu, Andrea; Chessa, Alessandro; De Leo, Vincenzo; Fenu, Gianni; Motta, Enrico; Osborne, Francesco; Reforgiato Recupero, Diego; Salatino, Angelo and Secchi, Luca (2024). A comparative analysis of knowledge injection strategies for large language models in the scholarly domain. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 133, article no. 108166.

Campoli, A.; Luck, R.; Shrestha, P.; Pradhan, P. and Rana, P. (2024). ‘It is not rocket science but it can change our lives’: pluriversal design with FabLab Nepal at a spinal injury clinic. CoDesign: International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts (Early access).

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