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Al Hashimi, B.; Linara-Demakakou, E.; Harvey, S. C.; Harvey, K. E.; Griffin, D.K.; Ahuja, K. and Macklon, N. (2024). Double vitrification and warming of blastocysts does not affect IVF implantation rates, or birth outcomes. Reproductive BioMedicine Online (Early access).

Brohus, Malene; Bootman, Martin D. and Bultynck, Geert (2024). Sustainability in a broad sense: An essential aspect of scientific conferences. BioEssays (early access).

Butler, Diane and Potter, Andrew (2024). Co-creation via student internships. In: Advance HE Students as Co-creators Symposium 2024, 31 Jan 2024, Online.

Cerutti, Camilla; Lucotti, Serena; Menendez, Sofia T.; Reymond, Nicolas; Garg, Ritu; Romero, Ignacio A.; Muschel, Ruth and Ridley, Anne J. (2024). IQGAP1 and NWASP promote human cancer cell dissemination and metastasis by regulating β1-integrin via FAK and MRTF/SRF. Cell Reports, 43(4), article no. 113989.

Cho, So Yeon; Kim, Eun Woo; Park, Soo Jin; Phillips, Benjamin U.; Jeong, Jihyeon; Kim, Hyunjeong; Heath, Christopher J.; Kim, Daehwan; Jang, Yurim; López-Cruz, Laura; Saksida, Lisa M.; Bussey, Timothy J.; Lee, Do Yup and Kim, Eosu (2024). Reconsidering repurposing: long-term metformin treatment impairs cognition in Alzheimer’s model mice. Translational Psychiatry, 14, article no. 34.

Foerster, Sarah; Floriddia, Elisa M; van Bruggen, David; Kukanja, Petra; Herve, Bastien; Cheng, Shangli; Kim, Eosu; Phillips, Benjamin U; Heath, Christopher J; Tripathi, Richa B; Call, Cody; Bartels, Theresa; Ridley, Katherine; Neumann, Bjorn; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Crawford, Abbe H; Lynch, Cian J; Serrano, Manuel; Saksida, Lisa; Rowitch, David H; Mobius, Wiebke; Nave, Klaus-Armin; Rasband, Matthew N; Bergles, Dwight E; Kessaris, Nicoletta; Richardson, Willam D; Bussey, Timothy J; Zhao, Chao; Castelo-Branco, Goncalo and Franklin, Robin JM (2024). Developmental origin of oligodendrocytes determines their function in the adult brain. Nature Neuroscience (In press).

Harrison, Virginia; Jones, Katie; Hyde, Caroline; Doshi, Deepa; Terry, Angela and Montague, Debra (2024). Supporting the wellbeing of oncodriven lung cancer patients online: a qualitative study. Lung Cancer, 190(1), article no. 107697.

Kramarova, Eugeniya P.; Lyahmun, Dmitry N.; Tarasenko, Dmitry V.; Korlyukov, Alexander A.; Dorovatovskii, Pavel V.; Shmigol, Tatiana A.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu.; Baukov, Yuri I. and Negrebetsky, Vadim V. (2024). An expedient synthesis of a picolinamide-based betain bearing a 3-sulfonatopropyl substituent. Mendeleev Communications, 34(1) pp. 126–128.

Liu, Wei; Giuriani, Giovanni; Havlikova, Anezka; Li, Dezhi; Lamont, Douglas J.; Neugart, Susanne; Velanis, Christos N.; Petersen, Jan; Hoecker, Ute; Christie, John M. and Jenkins, Gareth I. (2024). Phosphorylation of Arabidopsis UVR8 photoreceptor modulates protein interactions and responses to UV-B radiation. Nature Communications, 15, article no. 1221.

Lu, Yuqing; Egedeuzu, Chisom S.; Taylor, Peter G. and Wong, Lu Shin (2024). Development of Improved Spectrophotometric Assays for Biocatalytic Silyl Ether Hydrolysis. Biomolecules, 14(4), article no. 492.

Minetti, Corrado; Barton, Rachael; Farley, Caitlin; Brad Spiller, Owen; Rodrigues, Raquel and Gonçalves, Paulo (2024). Antimicrobial susceptibility testing reveals reduced susceptibility to azithromycin and other antibiotics in Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 isolates from Portugal. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (early access).

Minetti, Corrado; Rocha, Miguel; Miguel Duque, Luís; Meireles, Paula; Correia, Cristina; Cordeiro, Dora; João, Inês; Manita, Carla; Soeiro, Sofia; Almeida Santos, João; Matos, Rita; Almeida, Catarina; Cortes Martins, Helena; Vinagre, Elsa; Lopo, Sílvia and José Borrego, Maria (2024). Orogenital and anal infection by Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Mycoplasma genitalium, and other sexually transmitted infections in men who have sex with men in Lisbon. International Journal of STD & AIDS, 35(5) pp. 379–388.

Salani, Francesca; Eccleston, Mark; Palmieri, Lola-Jade; Pernot, Simon; Cousin, Sophie; Masi, Gianluca; Crea, Francesco and Italiano, Antoine (2024). Circulating H3K27me3 modified nucleosomes as a biomarker to monitor anti EZH2-based treatment in advanced solid tumour patients: Translational analyses from CAIRE trial. Cancer Research, 84(6_Suppl.), article no. 5128.

Shipley, Amy E.; Elsler, Armin; Singh, Suresh A.; Stubbs, Thomas L. and Benton, Michael J. (2024). Locomotion and the early Mesozoic success of Archosauromorpha. Royal Society Open Science, 11(2)

Singh, Suresh A.; Elsler, Armin; Stubbs, Thomas L.; Rayfield, Emily J. and Benton, Michael J. (2024). Predatory synapsid ecomorphology signals growing dynamism of late Palaeozoic terrestrial ecosystems. Communications Biology, 7, article no. 201.

Sneyers, Flore; Speelman-Rooms, Femke; Verhelst, Steven H L; Bootman, Martin D. and Bultynck, Geert (2024). Cellular effects of BAPTA: Are they only about Ca2+ chelation? Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular cell research, 1871(2), article no. 119589.

Xue, Chunling; Yuan, Dong-xun; Chen, Yanlong; Stubbs, Thomas; Zhao, Yueli and Zhifei, Zhang (2024). Morphological innovation after mass extinction events in Permian and Early Triassic conodonts based on Polygnathacea. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 642, article no. 112149.

Zuccarotto, Annalisa (2024). Molecular Evolution and Biochemical Characterization of Ovothiol Biosynthesis in Cnidaria. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Al-Rashdi, K. S.; Elzain, M. E.; Al-Barwani, M. S.; Moore, E. A. and Widatallah, H. M. (2023). Computational modeling of the defect structure, hyperfine and magnetic properties of the Mn2+-doped magnetite of the composition Mn Fe3-O4 (y = ⅔ x). Materials Research Bulletin, 159, article no. 112095.

Alhaboby, Zhraa; Barnes, James; Evans, Hala and Short, Emma (2023). Cyber-victimisation of adults with long-term conditions in the UK: A cross-sectional study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 25, article no. 39933.

Alhaboby, Zhraa A.; Evans, Hala; Barnes, James and Short, Emma (2023). The Impact of Cybervictimization on the Self-Management of Chronic Conditions: Lived Experiences. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 25, article no. e40227.

Baragau, Ioan-Alexandru; Buckeridge, John; Nguyen, Kiem G.; Heil, Tobias; Sajjad, Muhammad Tariq; Thomson, Stuart A. J.; Rennie, Alistair; Morgan, David J.; Power, Nicholas P.; Nicolae, Sabina Alexandra; Titirici, Maria-Magdalena; Dunn, Steve and Kellici, Suela (2023). Outstanding visible light photocatalysis using nano-TiO2 hybrids with nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots and/or reduced graphene oxide. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11(18) pp. 9791–9806.

Berry, Stuart N.; Hogbin, Stuart; McKoy, Earl; Pagel, Veronica; Petersson, Patrik; Wong, Raymond; Euerby, Melvin R. and Field, Jennifer K. (2023). Anomalous Retention Prediction Using Modelling Software in Gradient Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography: Why it Can Occur and How to Prevent It. LCGC Europe, 36(08) pp. 299–306.

Butler, Diane (2023). Developing and implementing a teaching and learning plan at the Open University (OU): a faculty-led approach. In: Teaching and Learning Conference 2023: Shaping the future of HE, 4-6 Jul 2023, Keele University, Newcastle, UK.

Butler, Diane (2023). Developing a maturity model to scaffold an evolving institutional culture for SoTL (Poster). In: ISSOTL 23 Context Matters, 8-11 Nov 2023, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Butler, Diane; Collins, Trevor; Gretton, Sarah and Williams, Neil (2023). Identifying and developing good practice in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) within STEM HE. In: Horizons in STEM Higher Education Conference Proceedings: Making Connections, Innovating and Sharing Pedagogy, 28-29 Jun 2023, Swansea University, Wales.

Chahal, Mandeep K.; Maji, Subrata; Liyanage, Anuradha; Matsushita, Yoshitaka; Tozman, Pelin; Payne, Daniel T.; Jevasuwan, Wipakorn; Fukata, Naoki; Karr, Paul A.; Labuta, Jan; Shrestha, Lok Kumar; Ishihara, Shinsuke; Ariga, Katsuhiko; D’Souza, Francis; Yoshikawa, Genki; Yamauchi, Yusuke and Hill, Jonathan P. (2023). Persistent microporosity of a non-planar porphyrinoid based on multiple supramolecular interactions for nanomechanical sensor applications. Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 7(2) pp. 325–332.

Chahal, Mandeep K.; Sumita, Masato; Labuta, Jan; Payne, Daniel T.; Hill, Jonathan P.; Yamauchi, Yusuke; Nakanishi, Takashi; Tanaka, Takeshi; Kataura, Hiromichi; Koga, Kenji; Miyamura, Hiroyuki; Kon, Yoshihiro; Hong, Dachao and Ishihara, Shinsuke (2023). Selective Detection of Toxic C1 Chemicals Using a Hydroxylamine-Based Chemiresistive Sensor Array. ACS Sensors, 8(4) pp. 1585–1592.

Chaves, Rebeca Mello; Power, Nicholas P.; Collinson, Simon Robert; Tanabe, Eduardo Hiromitsu and Bertuol, Daniel Assumpção (2023). Development of Nylon 6 Nanofibers Modified with Cyanex-272 for Cobalt Recovery. Environmental Technology, 44(19) pp. 2900–2912.

Cruz, Estevan D.; Missau, Juliano; Tanabe, Eduardo H.; Collinson, Simon R. and Bertuol, Daniel A. (2023). Efficient removal of congo red dye using activated lychee peel biochar supported Ca-Cr layered double hydroxide. Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management, 20, article no. 100835.

Cullen, Jane; Ocloo, Augustine; Owusu, Kofi; Murphy, Kerry; Velasco, Maria; Davies, Sarah-Jane and Addae-Kyeremeh, Eric (2023). Opportunities and challenges of tertiary level ICT-based science education in Ghana. In: Education for Social & Environmental Justice: Diversity, Sustainability , Responsibility: UKFIET 17th Conference on International Education and Development, 07 Sep 2023 online; 12-14 Sep 2023 Oxfo UK, Oxford, UK.

De Sousa, Karina P.; Rossi, Izadora; Abdullahi, Mahamed; Ramirez, Marcel Ivan; Stratton, Dan and Inal, Jameel Malhador (2023). Isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles and future directions in diagnosis and therapy. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, 15(1), article no. e1835.

Dey, Avishek; Varagnolo, Silvia; Power, Nicholas; Vangapally, Naresh; Elias, Yuval; Damptey, Lois; Jaato, Bright N.; Gopalan, Saianand; Golrokhi, Zahra; Sonar, Prashant; Selvaraj, Vimalnath; Aurbach, Doron and Krishnamurthy, Satheesh (2023). Doped MXenes—A new paradigm in 2D systems: Synthesis, properties and applications. Progress in Materials Science, 139, article no. 101166.

Di Sapia, Rossella (2023). Biomarkers of Epileptogenesis and Novel Therapeutic Approaches in Animal Models of Acquired Epilepsy. PhD thesis The Open University.

Dutcher, Ethan G; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Pama EA, Claudia EA; Lynall, Mary-Ellen; Bevers, Iris CR; Jones, Joylon A; Khan, Shahid; Sawiak, Stephen J; Milton, Amy L; Clatworthy, Menna R; Robbins, Trevor W; Bullmore, Edward T and Dalley, Jeffrey W (2023). Early-life stress biases responding to negative feedback and increases amygdala volume and vulnerability to later-life stress. Translational Psychiatry, 13, article no. 81.

Entezari, Maliheh; Taheriazam, Afshin; Mirzaei, Sepideh; Salimimoghadam, Shokooh; Kalu, Azuma and Nabavi, Noushin (2023). Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in cancer proliferation: Molecular interactions and possible therapeutic targets. In: Sethi, Gautam and Ashrafizadeh, Milad eds. Non-coding RNA Transcripts in Cancer Therapy: Pre-clinical and Clinical Implications. World Scientific, pp. 103–130.

Havard, Catriona; Breese, Emily; Thirkettle, Martin; Kask, Kristjan; Leol, Kris-Loreen and Mädamürk, Kaja (2023). A background of bias: Subtle changes in line up backgrounds increase the own race bias. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology (Early Access).

Heeley, Ellen; Smith, Jessica; Wan, Chaoying; Huband, Steven; Brambley, E and Hughes, Darren (2023). Revisiting stress-oscillation in cold drawing of poly(ethylene terephthalate). Polymer, 285, article no. 126364.

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Aguilar Hernández, Carlos Francisco (2022). Genetics of Age-Related Hearing Loss. PhD thesis The Open University.

Alli, Uthman; McCarthy, Kieran; Baragau, Ioan-Alexandru; Power, Nicholas P.; Morgan, David J.; Dunn, Steven; Killian, Seamus; Kennedy, Tadhg and Kellici, Suela (2022). In-situ continuous hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles on conductive N-doped MXene nanosheets for binder-free li-ion battery anodes. Chemical Engineering Journal, 430 Part 4

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