Schooling Year 6: Inclusion or SATuration?

Sheehy, Kieron; Hall, Kathy; Benhamin, B.; Collins, Janet and Nind, Melanie (2004). Schooling Year 6: Inclusion or SATuration? In: Hayes, Dennis ed. The RoutledgeFalmer guide to key debates in Education. RoutledgeFalmer.



About the book: Introduction: Debating education: A beginner's guide Part 1. The state of education 1. The formalisation of relationships in education 2. The interventionist state and the state of UK education 3. Educating the people 4. The philosophy gap Part 2. Policing the classroom 5. Re-enacting early childhood? 6. Afraid to teach? 7. Literacy singular or plural? For today or tomorrow? 8. 'Literacy' and the 'literary' 9. Schooling Year 6: inclusion or SATuration? 10. Circle time 11. Anti-bullying strategies in the UK 12. Menu change in education? Part 3. The search for lost values, communities and citizens 13. Just being there for us 14. Asserting children's rights 15. Education, children and social class 16. The subject of spirituality 17. Who is a good citizen? 18. Citizenship education: reflecting a political malaise Part 4. Changing times? Changing education 19. Greening education 20. Education as entertainment 21. ICT: don't believe the hype 22. Virtual learning or real learning? 23. The shattered mirror: a critique of multiple intelligences theory 24. An impoverished education for all Part 5. Lifelong learning: lifelong dependence 25. The rise of low self-esteem and the lowering of educational expectations 26. The trouble with lifelong learning 27. FE cannot save the economy 28. Taking control: fashioning the new citizen 29. Labour's fuel: lifelong learning policy as labour power production 30. 'Getting your lines right': scripted communication in professional contexts Part 6. The diminished academy 31. A profession in crisis? 32. Corporate involvement in Initial Teacher Training 33. The McDonaldization of lecturer training 34. The therapeutic turn in education 35. Academicus Superciliosus: the beasts revisited 36. Challenging students Part 7. The study of education 37. Practice makes imperfect 38. Why does truth matter? 39. Can everyone be a researcher? 40. Scholarship reinstated Postscript: What are the key debates in education?

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