Afghanistan 2023: Taliban governance and international isolation

Boni, Filippo (2024). Afghanistan 2023: Taliban governance and international isolation. Asia Maior, XXXIV 2023 pp. 376–387.



The year under examination was characterised by the Taliban attempts at consolidating control over Afghanistan, following a tumultuous first 18 months in power. Security has overall improved across the country but the equilibrium remains fragile. From a political standpoint, the Taliban have expanded their reach across all provinces in Afghanistan by consolidating the emirate’s institutions and governance practices, although internal divisions among the Taliban ranks still persist. To document these dynamics, the paper draws on novel data from the decrees and edicts by the Taliban supreme leader published in May 2023. The international relations of the Taliban regime were characterised on the one hand by the need to establish economic and investment linkages with the outside world to sustain the economy and, on the other, by the desire of the international community to ensure that the Afghan territory does not become a launchpad for other militant groups to operate, both regionally and globally.

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