PVC-S Challenge Response. Summary report. QEI

Herodotou, Christothea; Aristeidou, Maria; Gaved, Mark; Cross, Simon; Tessarolo, Felipe and Brasher, Andrew (2023). PVC-S Challenge Response. Summary report. QEI. The Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University.


In this Open University report, we summarise processes, findings, and recommendations from across four activities implemented by the Quality Enhancement & Innovation (QEI) team in IET (between October and December 2023) to address the below agreed PVC-S challenge and associated objective. Specifically, we conducted four separate activities aiming to gather primary and secondary evidence of technological and pedagogical interventions that have a potential to improve early learning outcomes by effectively supporting tutors and students in their learning journeys. A separate report has been produced for each of the activities detailing the rationale, methodological design, findings, and recommendations associated to each activity. This summary report presents an overview of each activity alongside main findings and recommendations.

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