The Search for Novel Antibiotics in Extreme Conditions

Leite, Mara; Macey, Michael and Munnoch, John T. (2024). The Search for Novel Antibiotics in Extreme Conditions. In: Letters in Applied Microbiology ECS Research Symposium 2024, 15 May 2024, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.


Antibiotic resistance is a growing crisis in which bacteria evolve to evade antibiotics, rendering them ineffective. It can result in prolonged illnesses, increased healthcare costs, and health complications from previously treatable infections. Antibiotic resistance due to overuse and misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals will likely worsen unless we explore innovative solutions. Extremophiles, adapted to survive in harsh environments, are a promising source for novel antibiotics. These microbes are believed to produce unique secondary metabolites with potent antimicrobial properties. As a result, this work aims to develop a toolkit to identify novel antibiotics from extreme environments to use in the fight against antibiotic resistance. The project’s main objective is to develop a methodology to identify and screen for new metabolites with antimicrobial properties from these environments. By harnessing the power of extremophiles, we can combat the growing threat of resistance and ensure a future with effective antibiotics.

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