Citizen Experiences in Cultural Heritage Archives: a Data Journey

Daga, Enrico (2023). Citizen Experiences in Cultural Heritage Archives: a Data Journey. In: 7th ISKO UK Biennial Conference, ISKO-UK 2023 (Volume 3661 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings), 24-25 Jul 2023, Glasgow.



Digital archives of memory institutions are typically concerned with the cataloguing of artefacts of artistic, historical, and cultural value. Recently, new forms of citizen participation in cultural heritage have emerged, producing a wealth of material spanning from visitors’ experiential feedback on exhibitions and cultural artefacts to digitally mediated interactions like those on social media platforms. We discuss the problems of integrating citizen experiences in cultural heritage archives. There are good reasons for institutions to archive people’s responses to cultural objects and to study the impact on knowledge infrastructures. By analysing the case studies of the EU-funded SPICE project, we argue that a knowledge organisation system for “data journeys” can help disentangle problems that include distribution, sense-making, ownership, sensitivity, privacy, and rights management.

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