Parents' role in positive education and positive psychology parenting

Platt, Ian; Mcfaul, Claudine and Tytherleigh, Michelle (2024). Parents' role in positive education and positive psychology parenting. In: Tytherleigh, Michelle ed. Positive Education at all Levels: Learning to Flourish. Emerald, pp. 111–129.



Parents 'matter' to schools for their child's education and parents 'matter' in relation to their child's wellbeing. Indeed, in his synthesis of over 800 studies, Hattie (2008) equated the benefits of parental engagement with schools as being equivalent to adding two or three further years to their education. The aim of this chapter, therefore, is to look at parents in relation to wellbeing through positive education and, as part of this, the concept of positive psychology parenting too. Drawing on scientific research, the benefits of positive psychology to parents and families, alongside some of the 'why' and 'how' parents can better engage with schools, will be presented. A Positive Psychology in Practice case study of Bounce Back, a freely available, online introduction to positive psychology designed to give parents and carers an introduction to several different concepts, approaches, and hands-on techniques, based on the principles of positive psychology, will also be provided. This case study will also present Bounce Back as an intervention, giving parents and carers practical advice on how best to use this online resource, as well as information on how to implement some of the wider ideas from positive education at home to help them better understand, and intervene in, their own and their family's wellbeing.

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