Trans Figured: on being a transgender person in a cisgender world

Chappell, Sophie Grace (2024). Trans Figured: on being a transgender person in a cisgender world. Cambridge, UK: Polity.



‘I was four and three-quarters when I asked my mother if, from now on, I could please go to school as a girl instead of as a boy …’

In this extraordinary new book, renowned philosopher Sophie Grace Chappell combines personal memoir, philosophical reflection, open letters, science fiction writing, and poetry to help us all figure out transgender.

What is it really like to be transgender?

How can we as a society do better to accept the reality of trans lives and to welcome and include trans adults, trans children, and trans families?

How can trans people thrive in a cisgendered world?

For too long now, clouds of myth, misinformation, alarmism, and wrong-headed ideology have masked the reality of trans people’s lives. By answering questions like these, this book blows away the clouds and gives us the truth instead.

Rich, informative, and deeply moving, Trans Figured will be widely read and celebrated for years to come.

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