Security Analysis of Smartphone and Cloud Computing Authentication Frameworks and Protocols

Siddiqui, Zeeshan; Tayan, Omar and Khan, Muhammad Khurram (2018). Security Analysis of Smartphone and Cloud Computing Authentication Frameworks and Protocols. IEEE Access, 6 pp. 34527–34542.



We live in a digital world where every detail of our information is being transferred from one smart device to another via cross-platform, third-party cloud services. Smart technologies, such as,
smartphones are playing dynamic roles in order to successfully complete our daily routines and official tasks that require access to all types of critical data. Before the advent of these smart technologies, securing critical information was quite a challenge. However, after the advent and global adoption of such technologies, information security has become one of the primary and most fundamental task for security professionals. The integration of social media has made this task even more challenging to undertake successfully. To this day, there are plentiful studies in which numerous authentication and security techniques were proposed and developed for smartphone and cloud computing technologies. These studies have successfully addressed multiple authentication threats and other related issues in existing the smartphone and cloud computing technologies. However, to the best of our understanding and knowledge, these studies lack many aspects in terms
of authentication attacks, logical authentication analysis, and the absence of authentication implementation scenarios. Due to these authentication anomalies and ambiguities, such studies cannot be fully considered for successful implementation. Therefore, in this paper, we have performed a comprehensive security analysis and review of various smartphone and cloud computing authentication frameworks and protocols to outline up-to-date authentication threats and issues in the literature. These authentication challenges are further summarized and presented in the form of different graphs to illustrate where the research is currently heading. Finally, based on those outcomes, we identify the latest and existing authentication uncertainties, threats, and other related issues to address future directions and open research issues in the domain of the smartphone and cloud-computing authentication.

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