Creative (and cultural) entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Volume 18B.

Hill, Inge; Elias, Sara; Jones, Paul and Dobson, Stephen eds. (2024). Creative (and cultural) entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Volume 18B. Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research, 18B. Bingley: Emerald Publishing Ltd (In Press).

Plain Language Summary

This edited book offers fifteen chapters Our particular focus is on how the CCIs have contributed to developing sustainable societies and meeting many targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. Thereafter, we provide an overview of the fifteen chapters distributed over five sections: ‘unusual and temporary places for CCI entrepreneurship’, ‘economic perspectives on CCI entrepreneurship’, ‘organising clustering of CCI entrepreneurs’, ‘cognitive aspects of doing CCI entrepreneurship’ and ‘social spaces and placemaking by CCI entrepreneurs’. Topics discussed include CCI entrepreneurship in rural areas (heritage entrepreneuring, book festivals), social work spaces, creativity and neuroentrepreneurship, strategic networking management for creatives, tensions from economic and artistic logics, collaboration challenges, street art and arts festivals. Countries considered include Estonia, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

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