Rape and Indecent Assault: Incidence and Service Provision in Southwark

Curran, Kathryn and Millie, Andrew (2003). Rape and Indecent Assault: Incidence and Service Provision in Southwark. Safer Southwark Partnership, London, UK.


This study took place over a three month period, from April-July 2003 and had two broad aims:

- 1. To examine the extent and nature of sexual assault in Southwark, with a particular focus on sexual offences and young people, rape and indecent assault

- 2. To identify the availability and effectiveness of current service provision for victims and perpetrators in Southwark.

Linked issues were the provision of sexual assault prevention work and the availability of domestic violence services. Reported sexual offending in Southwark was compared to national trends for context. The study also sought to understand more fully the circumstances surrounding sexual offending in the borough, including the relationship between victim and perpetrator. Additionally, the relationship between sexual offending and offending in other crime categories was examined.

Although relatively rare, sexual offending can have an impact on a community’s sense of well being. The Southwark Crime and Disorder Audit (2001) identified a strong link between the fear of crime and the fear of sexual assault. At that time, sexual assault accounted for about 1% of all crime, approximately 400 offences each year.

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