Reducing Burglary Initiative Project Summary: Stirchley, Birmingham

Thompson, Marianne; Hearnden, Ian; Millie, Andrew; Mallender, Jacque and Kingsnorth, Rebecca (2003). Reducing Burglary Initiative Project Summary: Stirchley, Birmingham. In Supplement 4 to Findings 204 The Home Office, London.



Round 1 of the Reducing Burglary Initiative (RBI) was built upon a strong evidence base of operational research, which had identified types of measures that can be effective in reducing burglary in local areas. A key objective of the RBI was to find out what works best where. Sixty three Strategic Development Projects (SDPs) were funded by Round 1 of the RBI. These projects were encouraged to develop innovative burglary reduction strategies. As a result, a wide range of interventions was implemented in a variety of contexts making use of different principles. This paper presents a summary of one of these SDPs where the main interventions implemented were:
- Installation of alley gates
- Improvements to fences
- Property marking
- Publicity campaign, through a newsletter.
Burglary in the target area fell by 46% when comparing the number of burg l a ry incidents during the year of 1998 with 2000, and controlling for burglary trends in the rest of the police force area. The project was also found to be cost effective.

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