Teaching with Generative AI: moving forward with content creation

Ullmann, Thomas; Bektik, Duygu; Edwards, Chris; Herodotou, Christothea and Whitelock, Denise (2024). Teaching with Generative AI: moving forward with content creation. In: EDEN 2024 Annual Conference, 16-18 Jun 2024, Graz, Austria, (In Press).


Generative AI is widely available and has raised the expectation that it will impact Education. Models, such as ChatGPT, can quickly produce plausible texts on a wide range of topics, and this capability may be of potential use in course content production. This paper selects several important course content production tasks, describes the prompts used, and assesses the quality of the automatically generated texts by a team of experts. Across all tasks, the Generative AI produced content that could help solve specific tasks by aiding with brainstorming, creating outlines, and adhering to particular writing guidance. In all cases, the content required adjustments and checking by human experts.

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