Re-imagining Policing Post-Austerity

Millie, Andrew and Bullock, Karen (2012). Re-imagining Policing Post-Austerity. British Academy Review(19) pp. 16–18.



The global financial crisis continues to send shock waves through the banking, business and public sectors. The associated financial constraints on the public sector in the UK, as in many other countries, need no introduction. Criminal justice agencies have not been immune to significant budget cuts and the Coalition government’s 2010 spending review called for police budgets to be reduced by 20 per cent. As a result, the police service is being asked to deliver the same level of service with considerably less resources. This has led to widespread public and political debate regarding what the police can realistically deliver, the implications for the numbers of police (and other) officers ‘on the beat’ and ultimately for order maintenance and crime control.

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