Agave × leopoldii

Walker, Colin (2022). Agave × leopoldii. Cactus and Succulent Journal of NSW, 33(5 & 6) pp. 78–82.


Agave xleopoldii is a garden hybrid and hence unknown in the wild. This cultivar was first described in 1893 by the renowned Victorian gardener William Watson at Kew having been raised by Dr W.B. Kellock in his garden at Stamford Hill, London, around the mid 1880s. It was named in honour of King Leopold II of Belgium (King from 1865 till 1909), who saw and admired the plant when it was exhibited at the RHS show in Islington in 1893. For the last century or so this plant has proved to be robust in cultivation and hence is reasonably well known. There is some uncertainty regarding the parentage of this hybrid and it is suggested that one of the parents might have been Agave geminiflora which has much narrower leaves and hence of similar dimensions to those of A. xleopoldii.

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