Performance Measures for Binary Classification

Berrar, Daniel (2024). Performance Measures for Binary Classification. In: Ranganathan, Shoba; Mario, Cannataro and Asif, Mohammad eds. Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2nd edition. Elsevier (In Press).


This article is an introduction to some of the most fundamental performance measures for the evaluation of binary classifiers. These measures are categorized into three broad families: measures based on a single classification threshold, measures based on a probabilistic interpretation of error, and ranking measures. Graphical methods, such as ROC curves, precision-recall curves, TPR-FPR plots, gain charts, and lift charts, are also discussed. Using a simple example, we illustrate how to calculate the various performance measures and show how they are related. The article also explains how to assess the statistical significance of an obtained performance value, how to calculate approximate and exact parametric confidence intervals, and how to derive percentile bootstrap confidence intervals for a performance measure.

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