Pachyphytum news

Walker, Colin C. (2024). Pachyphytum news. CactusWorld, 42(1) pp. 72–74.


Pachyphytum (Crassulaceae) is a monophyletic genus of 24 species endemic to Mexico, which are either cremnophytic or rupicolous. A recent study has shown that most species have narrow geographical ranges and hence are at risk in the wild with 9 species being Critically Endangered (CR) and 15 Endangered (EN). A significant range extension has been reported in Durango from where the new species Pachyphytum odam has been described. It is only known from its type locality where only 30 individuals were found. The recently described species Pachyphytum cuicatecanum is shown to be only distantly related to the rest of the genus. It has therefore been transferred to a new genus and is named Jeronimoa cuicatecana.

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