Online violence against women: A Four Nations study

Jurasz, Olga (2024). Online violence against women: A Four Nations study. The Open University.


The Online violence against women: A Four Nations study project is funded through the Open University’s Open Societal Challenges programme. The study was designed and led by Professor Olga Jurasz.
The project is the first comprehensive, large scale and empirical study examining the phenomenon of OVAW across the UK. It empirically examines the scale, impact, and societal attitudes towards OVAW across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also investigates societal attitudes towards online safety, online behaviours, law and policy responses towards violence against women (online and offline) and public views on responsibilities for preventing and responding to OVAW. Uniquely, the project also looks into men’s experiences of witnessing and reacting to OVAW.
The aim of the project is to gather comprehensive and representative data on OVAW in the UK to better understand this pressing issue and for it to inform evidence-based law and policy responses.

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