Conflict Sensitive Development

Feron, Elise and Orrnert, Anna eds. (2011). Conflict Sensitive Development. INFOCON.


While research on diasporas and transnational communities has been relatively extensive, little is known about the civil society organizations that emerge from these communities, and how these organizations shape and structure the communities they claim to represent. Although most of the transnational community organisations are small in size and of a limited membership, they nevertheless contribute significantly to building links between countries of origin and countries of settlement. They also have a key role to play in peacebuilding and development initiatives.

The aims of this handbook are to describe and analyse some of the challenges to the peacebuilding and development activities of transnational civil society and explore the ways in which the civil society organizations have responded to them. It explores transnational community organisations’ engagement in lobbying and advocacy, civic engagement and coalition building, the dialogue process, conflict sensitive development, mitigation of transported conflicts and balancing homeland-oriented activities with integration in cities of settlement. It also presents case studies of involvement in these types of activities by the Kosovar Albanian and Rwandan diasporas, amongst others.

While the handbook does not aim to prescribe one-size-fits-all formulas, it discusses specific examples in order to ctry to ontribute to a better understanding of the work of transnational community organizations and help others to navigate their own path through the various challenges and opportunities they may encounter.

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