An exploration of the conceptualisation and enactment of children's rights in the Curriculum for Wales

Stewart, Sarah (2024). An exploration of the conceptualisation and enactment of children's rights in the Curriculum for Wales. In: ArDdysg Teacher Education Research Group Seminar, 19 Feb 2024.


This presentation explored the conceptualisation and implementation of children's rights within the Curriculum for Wales, examining the complex interplay between policy intent, educational practice, and societal values. Drawing on primary sources including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Welsh Government guidance, curriculum guidance, questionnaires and interviews with educators, the study investigates how teachers interpret and enact children's rights principles within the educational framework. The analysis reveals several key themes, including the positioning of teachers as duty-bearers responsible for imparting understanding and experiences of rights to students, challenges in balancing rights with other educational priorities, and the potential influence of neoliberal concepts on the interpretation of children's rights. Additionally, the presentation discusses the implicit and explicit discourse surrounding children's rights within the curriculum guidance, highlighting the need for clear guidance and ongoing professional development to ensure effective implementation. Comparison with other jurisdictions, particularly Scotland, provides insights into different approaches to children's rights education and potential avenues for improvement. The presentation concludes with reflections on the implications for policy, practice, and future research, emphasizing the importance of promoting children's understanding and advocacy of their rights within educational settings. Overall, the study contributes to a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in realising children's rights within the educational context in Wales and offers recommendations for enhancing children's rights education.

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