Documenting the research process. Opportunities and challenges for Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval

Daga, Enrico; Daquino, Marilena; Fournier-S’niehotta, Raphaël; Guillotel-Nothmann, Christophe and Scharnhorst, Andrea (2024). Documenting the research process. Opportunities and challenges for Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval. In: CEUR Workshop Proceedings: BIR 2023. Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval, Apr 2023, Dublin (Ireland), Ireland, 3617 pp. 4–20.



This paper reports about knowledge management experiences in the EC funded project Polifonia (Research and Innovation Action funding scheme). Polifonia is a challenging project which aims at developing a methodological framework for musical heritage information. The project encompasses sources from text, sound, scores, settings (buildings), and experiences. It is organized around 10 Pilots which cover various actions such as preserving, studying, managing and interacting with musical heritage. Its advantage is that it uses semantic web technologies (ontologies and resulting knowledge graphs) as lingua franca binding the different Pilot data together. More specifically and additionally to the common use of GitHub repositories in research projects, Polifonia adds an additional organizational structure, what we call a Research Ecosystem. The Polifonia Research Ecosystem documents project outputs and their mutual dependencies as semantic artifacts, developing annotations for both (output and dependencies). This paper details the design and implementation of such a Research Ecosystem as a specific approach to effectively coordinate collaboration and related software production. Using the case of the Polifonia project, the paper reflects on the opportunities and challenges arising when it comes to formalize best practices to execute innovative research processes. Finally, we discuss the potential impact that such developments could have on future bibliometrics and information retrieval practices.

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