Report on stakeholders' consultative engagement on trafficking in persons in Uganda

Ebubedike, Margaret; Dawadi, Saraswati; Alla-Mensah, Joyceline; Kwaibwe, Henry N.; Kamunvi, Eric-Robert; Cingtho, Diana; Mwesi Habagaya, Yosia; Kyaidhi, Lilian and Ngobi, Prossy (2024). Report on stakeholders' consultative engagement on trafficking in persons in Uganda. The Open University.



An estimated 49.6 million individuals are affected by human trafficking. Uganda stands as both a source and destination country for human trafficking. This report details the outcomes of a multi-stakeholder engagement undertaken by researchers from the Open University, UK, aimed at empowering adolescent female trafficking survivors (AFTS) in Uganda. Through the Open Societal Challenges Research Programme, two crucial events were organized.

The first event, on July 3, 2023, saw the establishment of a Parliamentary Forum on Human Trafficking, engaging 20 Members of Parliament (MPs) to raise awareness and foster collaboration. The second event, on July 4, 2023, brought together diverse stakeholders to enhance rehabilitation practices for trafficking survivors. This resulted in a collaborative action plan, improved coordination, and a commitment to ongoing engagement.

The report underscores the critical role of partnerships in creating a coordinated response to support trafficking survivors. Stakeholders emphasized the importance of coordinated responses, strategies for addressing social media in trafficking, resource pooling, and a grassroots approach involving local communities. Additionally, the report discusses curriculum reforms, teacher training, community engagement, and advocates for a middle-down-up approach that combines grassroots efforts with higher-level decision-making.

This report serves as a comprehensive roadmap for policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders in Uganda, emphasizing the power of partnerships in the fight against human trafficking. Through collaborative efforts, Uganda can address this multifaceted challenge, protect vulnerable populations, and fight human trafficking at both grassroots and policy levels.

Plain Language Summary

This report discusses efforts in Uganda to fight human trafficking. Researchers from the UK helped create a Parliamentary Forum and brought stakeholders together. The report highlights the need for partnerships, strategies against social media use, and involving local communities. The report suggests curriculum reforms, teacher training, and a comprehensive approach to support trafficking survivors.

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