Relationships and Mental Health: Relational Experience in Distress and Recovery

Boden-Stuart, Zoë and Larkin, Michael eds. (2024). Relationships and Mental Health: Relational Experience in Distress and Recovery. London: Palgrave Macmillan.


This interdisciplinary edited volume examines the complexities of relational life in the context of psychological distress and recovery. It is well documented that supportive, close relationships are central to wellbeing. This volume explores how connectedness is shaped by mental health settings, interventions and mental health experiences - and vice versa. In doing so, this work provides important insights for adult mental health care, where systems and settings can often struggle to take account of the relational context of distress and recovery.
This is the first book to address the emerging shift towards a relational account of distress and recovery through a focus on people's experiences. Chapters explore community and statutory service settings, privileging the voices of those experiencing distress, their loved ones and the professionals who work with them. It also extends recent interest in the role of loneliness and social isolation in mental health, to consider themes such as belonging, connection, care and intimacy. It will appeal to mental health practitioners as well as academics in the fields of psychology, sociology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, social policy and social work.

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