Full Sight of Her

Wright, Patrick (2020). Full Sight of Her. London: Eyewear Publishing.

URL: https://blackspringpressgroup.com/products/full-si...


Charting a steady encroachment of shadows over a relationship, Wright engages with the most profound subjects - love and loss, madness, grief, illness - and attends to them with a finely-wrought poetic sensibility, producing a soundscape of nervous, almost fractious energy. A play of light and shade runs throughout, with early joys tinged with doubts, moving into omens and prophecies, until fears can no longer be hidden in full daylight. Whether set against a backdrop of cheap and ruinous North-West landscapes, or domestic interiors seen through the lens of expressionist horror, Wright shows us that love and anticipated grief are inseparable, just as the shadow is from the lamp.

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