Mobile language learning now and in the future

Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes (2006). Mobile language learning now and in the future. In: Svensson, Patrik ed. Från vision till praktik: Språkutbildning och Informationsteknik (From vision to practice: language learning and IT). Sweden: Swedish Net University (Nätuniversitetet), pp. 295–310.



The widespread ownership of mobile devices such as cellphones, personal media players, personal digital assistants (PDAs), smartphones and wireless laptops means that ‘mobile learning’ is no longer in the preserve of technical experts and researchers with specialist knowledge. Teachers and learners have begun to integrate mobile technologies into everyday practices and there is evidence of efforts to invent exciting new scenarios of use. Language learning is one of the disciplines that looks set to benefit from these developments. Learners can make good use of the facilities to record and to listen to audio at any time, supported by the rising availability of podcasts and the ‘always on’ characteristics of portable devices which encourage spontaneous interactions. Mobile learning promises to deliver closer integration of language learning with everyday communication needs and cultural experiences.

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