Menopause at work

Ruel, Stefanie and Brewis, Jo (2024). Menopause at work. In: Helms Mills, Jean; Mills, Albert; Williams, Kristen and Bendl, Regine eds. Encyclopedia of Gender and Management. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar (In Press).


For cis women and transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people, menopause transitions experienced during their working lives are diverse. Menopause is explored in biomedical, cultural, management and organizational studies literature (MOS). The practice of relating menopause to age(ing) in MOS is recent, positioning menopause within (cis)gender age and ageing studies where undoing ageism is a priority. Unfortunately, scholarly literature on TGNC people’s navigation of menopause at work does not exist. Given the diversity of perspectives possible in this field, the relationship between menopause and work can be characterized along a spectrum, where the extremes along this characterization spectrum are presented. This entry provides a view into the state of knowledge on menopause and transition stages experienced while at work outside of the home with a call to critically interrogate the state of knowledge into this relationship between menopause and work.

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