Towards 2000: Informatics in education [Paper for the Dundee Institute of Technology's Centenary]

Hawkridge, David (1989). Towards 2000: Informatics in education [Paper for the Dundee Institute of Technology's Centenary]. CITE Report 72; Centre for Information Technology in Education.



This paper examines the use of computers and communication technology for the storage, retrieval, dissemination, creation, analysis, and transformation of information. Examples are provided of the use of compact disks for the storage and retrieval of counselling and research information. To demonstrate the role of information technology in information dissemination, applications of computer conferencing for enhancing the tutoring and learning process at the British Open University are reviewed, and the potential of the French Teletel system for educational uses is discussed. Also considered are applications of computer technology in the creation of information through word processing, desktop publishing, and electronic publishing. Electronic spreadsheets, computer simulations, and micro-worlds are then discussed as tools for information analysis and information transformation. It is noted that two of the major obstacles limiting the use of information technology are shortage of qualified and experienced staff and hardware and software obsolescence, and remedies are suggested. Four rationales for information technology in education -- social, vocational, pedagogic, and catalytic -- are outlined. The paper concludes with a review of the use of information technology at the Dundee Institute of Technology.

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