Medicinal-pill dispensing device and systems

Pearce, Oliver and Price, Blaine (2022). Medicinal-pill dispensing device and systems. [Patent Applicants: Oliver Pearce; Blaine Alexander Price; Orthomedics Healthcare Ltd.], GB2602189.



A medicinal-pill dispensing device 10 for dispensing at least one medicinal pill to a patient. The dispensing device comprises a reusable cartridge 12 and a dispenser 14. The cartridge has a closable and lockable dispensing opening and a closable and lockable loading opening. The dispenser has a receiving opening and a patient-access opening. There is a barrier openable by electric actuator between the dispenser and the reusable cartridge for permitting passage of at least one medicinal pill from the cartridge to the dispenser. The device has a physical connector or projection 29 for connecting the dispensing device 10a (Figure 5) with another dispensing device 10b (Figure 5). The device may further comprise audible notifications; a timing element for dispensing medicinal pills at a set time; RFID identification to enable actuation of the barrier; a security stain release system activating if the cartridge is tampered with; and may be operated wirelessly or manually. Also disclosed is a portable medicinal-pill dispensing device wherein the openings of the dispenser are closable such that the dispenser can retain at least one pill when disconnected from the reusable cartridge.

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