Pain-level reporting apparatus, device, system and method

Price, Blaine; Pearce, Oliver; Mccormick, Ciaran; Mehta, Vikram and Gascoyne, Matthew (2021). Pain-level reporting apparatus, device, system and method. [Patent Applicants: Blaine Price; Oliver Pearce; Ciaran Mccormick; Vikram Mehta; Matthew Gascoygne], GB2585381.



A pain-level reporting apparatus 10 comprises two user interfaces 14, 16 to input pain-level, a pain-level recording device and a wireless transmitter to transmit pain level data from the recording device to an external receiver. The user input interfaces have at least one operational or visual difference and are interchangeably operable with the recording device. The apparatus is for reporting pain data input by different patients having different patient interactivity characteristics (e.g. different requirements depending on dexterity, visual impairment etc), and each interface is adapted accordingly. The interfaces may be dial, touchscreen or number pad (fig. 4), and may be different colours/contrasts or different sizes. A pain level reporting system is disclosed where multiple devices communicate with a server (fig 7). The appropriate data input interface for a specific patient may be selected using a patient-directed setup assistant. The device may be used to report patient status such as emotional state.

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