The Effects of Social Media Engagement on Recall and Recommendation of a Service Experience: An Abstract

Palmer, Adrian; Mete, Melisa and Zhu, Xia (2023). The Effects of Social Media Engagement on Recall and Recommendation of a Service Experience: An Abstract. In: Academy Of Marketing Science 23rd World Marketing Congress, 11-14 Jul 2023, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.



Social media has become pervasive as a marketing tool, yet we know relatively little about how engagement with social media concurrently with consumption of a service experience influences satisfaction with that experience. Furthermore, we have only limited understanding of whether the recording of an experience facilitates long-term memory recall of the experience, or undermines it by distracting attention during the service encounter. We review literature on memory processes to test hypotheses relating to the effects of social media on satisfaction and subsequent recall. We test our hypotheses in a three-stage, time lagged study of visitors to three museums and art galleries.

We distinguish between short and long-term memory and conclude that social media engagement during a consumption experience has a positive effect on memorability of that experience, but only on short-term memory. Our analysis shows that for long-term memory there is no significant effect.

We also explore if memorability of a consumption experience has an effect on short- and long-term future behavioural intention. Our analysis shows that although memorability of an event has a positive effect on short-term future behaviour intentions, this is not the case in the longer-term.

After exploring memorability and future behaviour intentions, we seek further understanding of the potential effects of positive emotions evoked by the service experience. In this study, the respondents who reported having positive emotions also reported higher recall and memorability of their experience, and this higher reported recall was applicable for both short-term and long-term memorability. In addition to prior academic work on positive emotions, we have further evidence to show the importance of emotions during an experience for memorability.

Finally this study shows the importance of short-term memorability on several behavioural outcomes. Our conclusion can inform organisations and marketers that short term memorability of an event has a positive effect on revisiting, positive word of mouth and recommendation to others. Understanding the importance of memorability and investing in providing a more memorable experience can lead to more repeat visits, and recommendations to others.

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