Speaking out of Place: End of Project Report

Crockett, Nicole; Cohen, Phil and Humphry, Debbie (2016). Speaking out of Place: End of Project Report. The Building Exploratory and LivingMaps Network, London.

URL: https://eprints.kingston.ac.uk/id/eprint/40415/


At present East 20 presents something of a paradox. Already internationally famous as an Olympic heritage site, what this new piece of the city will come to mean to east Londoners has still to be realised. Although heavily populated with public expectations, the area awaits the imprint of the lives and stories of its residents, the first already in situ, many more yet to arrive. The series of projects reported on here set out to document and capture one moment in the development of East 20: the point at which new residents move in to what was the Athletes Village, and the long promised Olympic housing legacy for East London begins to take shape on the ground. The overall aim of these projects was to document how the new communities that form in and around East 20 can be actively involved in this transformation. The focus was on the experience of young people who are studying and living in the area and the new residents of East Village.

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