Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Education

Balaban, Igor; Rienties, Bart and Winne, Philip H. (2023). Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Education. Applied Sciences, 13(22), article no. 12318.



This special issue on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education brings together fourteen contributions from 56 authors from 25 institutions from 13 countries from Asia, Europe, and North America. An impressive 13512 students and educators were included in these studies consisting over 700 different groups, classes, institutions, and/or contexts, thereby providing rich and diverse insights into how ICT is currently being used in various educational contexts. We arranged our special issue based upon six topics, namely artificial intelligence in learning, applied robotics in education, automated approaches to create smart and inclusive learning environments for blended and online learning, emerging technologies in education, learning analytics and big data in learning environments, and learning strategies for smart learning environments. As this editorial is written just at the time that world leaders and tech companies have met to agree the Bletchley Declaration, this editorial provides an overview of the exciting work in this field, and how we can all learn how to effectively and safely implement ICT in education.

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