Zambian Education School-based Training: Endline Evaluation Report

Stutchbury, Kris; Gallastegi, Lore; Woodward, Clare and Phiri, John (2023). Zambian Education School-based Training: Endline Evaluation Report. The Open University.


This report draws on data gathered in Year 6 of Zambian Education School-based Training - a project funded by the Scottish Government - to evaluate the programme. The Open University, working in partnership with World Vision Zambia and the Ministry of Education developed resources, alongside an innovative system for delivery (offline access using a Raspberry Pi computer and the teachers' own mobile smart phones) to enhance the existing system for school-based continuing professional development in 500 schools in five Districts within Central Province. There is statistically and pedagogically significant evidence of improvement in teachers' practice and evidence of a number of impacts at school, District and Provincial level. The program is sustainable and is now 'owned' by the Central Province team.

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