The Politics of Protection: Sites of Insecurity and Political Agency

Huysmans, Jef; Dobson, Andrew and Prokhovnik, Raia eds. (2006). The Politics of Protection: Sites of Insecurity and Political Agency. Advances in International Relations and Global Politics. London, UK: Routledge.



Following the end of the Cold War, the security agenda has been transformed and redefined, both academically and politically. This book focuses on the theme of protection and ways in which political agency emerges in the regulation and definition of protection and insecurity. It poses the question of political agency in relation to some of the most significant questions raised in relation to the governance of insecurity and protection in the contemporary world:
• The role of private security companies
• The political agency of refugees
• The role of non-military security actors
• The reconstruction of state capacity in post-conflict situations
• The political role of the judiciary and the judicial regulation of armed conflict
• The changing relation between humanity and nature in environmental politics

1. Agency and The Politics of Protection: Implications for Security Studies – Jef Huysmans 2. Privatizing the Politics of Protection: Military Companies and the Definition of Security Concerns
- Anna Leander
3. Privatisation, Globalisation, and the Politics of Protection in South Africa – Rita Abrahamsen and
Michael C. Williams
4. Taking Rights, Mediating Wrongs: Disagreements over the Political Agency of Non-Status
Refugees – Peter Nyers
5. Resisting Sovereign Power: Camps In-between Exception and Dissent – Raffaela Puggioni
6. Protection: security, territory and population – Didier Bigo
7. ‘Civilizing’ the Balkans, Protecting Europe: the International Politics of Reconstruction in Bosnia
and Kosovo – Alexandra Gheciu
8. The Judicialisation of Armed Conflict: transforming the 21st Century – Elspeth Guild
9. The Limits of Agency in Times of Emergency – Vivienne Jabri
10. Sovereignty, International Security and the Regulation of Armed Conflict: the Possibilities of
Political Agency – Neil Walker
11. Do we need (to protect) nature? – Andrew Dobson
12. On the Protection of Nature and the Nature of Protection – R.B.J. Walker

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