Annotators’ Perspectives: Exploring the Influence of Identity on Interpreting Misogynoir

Kwarteng, Joseph; Farrell, Tracie; Third, Aisling and Fernandez, Miriam (2023). Annotators’ Perspectives: Exploring the Influence of Identity on Interpreting Misogynoir. In: ASONAM 2023: The 2023 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, 6-9 Nov 2023, Kusadasi, Turkey.



Social Networking Sites are home to different forms of hate, including "Misogynoir", which specifically targets Black women through a combination of racism and sexism. Detecting misogynoir presents challenges due to its subjective nature and the varied interpretations of hate speech.
Using annotator justifications from four distinct demographic groups; including Black women, Black men, White women and White men, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that influence annotators' reasoning process and labelling decisions for potential cases of Misogynoir and Allyship. Given the unique experiences of Black women who face both racism and sexism, the study sought to understand how their intersectional identities shape their perspectives compared to other groups. The research employed a qualitative analysis of responses from participants to identify key themes and patterns.
Three significant themes emerged from our in-depth qualitative analysis of these annotator justifications: prior knowledge and experience, the language of the social media post, and its context. Our results revealed that annotators historically at risk of abuse demonstrated a nuanced understanding of how their intersecting identities inform their interpretations and judgement of tweets, drawing on their personal encounters with misogyny and racism compared to their non-target counterparts of this type of hate. This study underscores the significance of diverse annotator perspectives and content comprehension in understanding and addressing hate speech, particularly when it intersects with multiple forms of discrimination. Our study contributes to the methodological advancements in social network analysis and mining, highlighting the importance of considering annotator characteristics in the development of tools and approaches for detecting and addressing intersectional hate.

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