AI in Healthcare - Reflection on Potential Harms and Impacts (Short Paper)

Larasati, Retno (2023). AI in Healthcare - Reflection on Potential Harms and Impacts (Short Paper). In: CEUR Workshop Proceedings of the Workshops at the Second International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence (HHAI 2023) (Murukannaiah, Pradeep K. and Hirzle, Teresa eds.), CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, 3456 pp. 119–125.



This short paper presents a reflection of the development and integration of AI in healthcare, discussing its current state, potential harms, and impacts. It explores ethical, privacy, and biases concerns in AI algorithms which affect patient care and trust, from the side of the economic implications of AI adoption, its potential to reshape healthcare industry dynamics, and workforce composition. The interplay between AI in healthcare and racial industrialised capitalism is also reflected, emphasising the need for equitable practices. Concluding, the paper advocates for a balanced approach, recognising AI’s dual nature as an ecology component that demands ethical considerations to optimise healthcare while mitigating potential

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