Open Schooling in the Amazon for Community Empowerment: A Case Study in the TUPÉ Sustainable Development Reserve

Okada, Alexandra; Okada, Alberto; Muller, Riulma; Moura, Rossana; Castro, Thais; Ferreira, Luciana; Oliveira, Eila; Vaz, Giseli; Benaian, Regina; Castro, Silvana; Almeida, Jaqueline and Rodrigues, Tayanne (2023). Open Schooling in the Amazon for Community Empowerment: A Case Study in the TUPÉ Sustainable Development Reserve. Milton Keynes, UK: The Open University.



This book presents the outcomes of a community-based participatory research initiative supported by the open schooling methodology, integrating inquiry mapping and principles of design thinking. The participants in this project included young individuals, adults, professionals, citizens, and researchers residing in a Sustainable Reserve nestled within the Amazon rainforest.

This report primarily focuses on the insights derived from a youth-centered multidisciplinary workshop conducted at São João school as part of the "Agenda of Priority Actions of the Tupé Community." This workshop was an integral component of the CONNECT project, which aims to foster open schooling practices for sustainability. Our research objectives encompass the following:

To comprehend the concept and implementation of open schooling, especially within Amazonian communities and Brazilian universities.
To pinpoint essential elements for sustaining open schooling, enhancing educational quality, and exploring solutions to local challenges.
To engage in open schooling practices for the co-creation of a priority agenda and opportunities.
Our methodological approach was rooted in the theory of subjectivity, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual and the profound influence of their experiences and emotions on their actions. Researchers collaborated closely with participants, fostering an ongoing dialogue to generate new knowledge through this interaction. The open schooling experience, involving participants of various age groups, proved to be a groundbreaking and enriching endeavor, as underscored by the participants.

The outcomes were overwhelmingly positive, marked by active involvement, meaningful contributions, and heightened engagement, thereby paving the path towards community empowerment. This study has led to valuable reflections documented in publications within the field of education.

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