Geology of the Neruda quadrangle (H13), Mercury

Man, Benjamin; Rothery, David A.; Balme, Matthew R.; Conway, Susan J.; Wright, Jack; Pegg, David L.; Lennox, Annie R. and Buoninfante, Salvatore (2023). Geology of the Neruda quadrangle (H13), Mercury. Journal of Maps, 19(1), article no. 2256353.



We present the first geological map of the Neruda Quadrangle (H13), Mercury. H13 is in Mercury’s southern hemisphere between latitudes 22.5°S–65°S, and longitudes 90°E–180° covering a total area of just under 5 million km², equivalent to 6.5% of the planet’s surface. Map digitisation was carried out at scales between 1:300,000 and 1:700,000 for final presentation at 1:3,000,0000, from end-of-mission data products from NASA’s MESSENGER mission. We distinguish three main photogeologic plains units: intercrater, intermediate, and smooth plains. We also distinguish all craters and their materials ≥ 20 km in diameter based on their degradation state. We have completed two versions of the map, one using a three-class crater degradation scheme and one using a five-class crater degradation scheme. In addition, specific geological units were charted for the Rembrandt impact basin. This map has been constructed to provide context and targets for the ESA-JAXA BepiColombo mission to Mercury.

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