Women, Violence and Protest in Times of COVID-19

Jurasz, Olga and Barker, Kim (2023). Women, Violence and Protest in Times of COVID-19. In: Stychin, Carl F. ed. Law, Humanities and the Covid Crisis. Reimagining Law and Justice. London: University of London Press, pp. 183–205.

URL: https://read.uolpress.co.uk/read/law-humanities-an...


Drawing on experiences of the pandemic, this chapter explores the gendered dimensions of violence and protest during COVID-19, focusing on the activism of women and the resultant backlash, all considered from perspectives of violence against women. It brings together three distinct but interconnected themes: women’s rights; protest; and the impact of COVID-19 on both rights and protest. Whilst the predominant focus of the chapter falls on law and rights, we situate the discussion within the broader socio-political and global context of the events which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. We examine examples of (mis)uses of the law as well as women’s activism in response to them across the UK, in Poland, Argentina, Namibia, Malta and on social media. We illustrate women’s role in advocating for their rights in times of unprecedented disruption (COVID-19) which exacerbated other phenomena such as the global rise in online violence against women and anti-gender propaganda. As such, the discussion presented here positions legal developments during the COVID-19 pandemic not only within the discipline of legal studies but also in politics and gender studies.

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