Second-generation transcultural lives

Chamberlayne, Prue (2002). Second-generation transcultural lives. In: Chamberlayne, Prue; Rustin, Michael and Wengraf, Tom eds. Biography and social exclusion in Europe: Experiences and life journeys. Bristol, UK: Policy Press, pp. 229–245.



Based on the EU-funded SOSTRIS project (Social Strategies in Risk Society 1996-9), this chapter exemplifies biographical research linking the personal with the social, reconnecting social policy with lived realities and exploring biographical strategies across class, gender and generation. Like the Introduction and Conclusions to the book, co-authored by Chaberlayne, it inverts coparative social policy to start with individual experience, here the precarious negotiations involved in second-generation identities in contrasting social contexts. It appeals for a more relational approach to social policy, taking subjective processes into account. It has been translated into French for a peer reviewed migration studies journal.

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