We want to be educated, but we have a life

Robson, Linda (2023). We want to be educated, but we have a life. Postgraduate Research Poster Competition, The Open University.


This poster presents a collage produced whilst researching part-time distance students' experience of taking unplanned deferral from their undergraduate studies at The Open University.

It has been argued the use of creative methods in analysis supports diverse questioning of data and promotes empathy with participants (Kara, 2020). I have found I am able to engage in greater critical analysis through applying creative techniques as it facilitates viewing the data in a variety of different ways.

Creative methods support dissemination by can broadening audiences as outputs are often more accessible to non-academics than journal papers and research conferences (Leavy, 2020). Although presented here to an academic audience I plan to share the collage more widely as part of a collection of creative outputs.

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