Does All ‘Talk’ Lead To 21st-Century Learning?

Boateng, Felicia (2023). Does All ‘Talk’ Lead To 21st-Century Learning? Postgraduate Research Poster Competition, The Open University.


Drawing on the recent developments of 21st-century skills in education, ‘classroom talk’ appears to play a crucial role in learning. There is already extensive research particularly, from the developed world on the positive impact of ‘classroom talk’ on students’ learning. In the Ghanaian context, talk for learning is established in the current basic school curriculum. However, very little is known about the role of talk in the implementation phase. Therefore, there is a need to be concerned because when curriculum intent does not align with the implementation, there is no progress. This study seeks to bridge any potential pedagogical gaps between policy intent, curriculum and real classroom practice by providing compelling evidence on the nature of classroom talk in Ghanaian basic schools. Through a case study with ethnographic sensibility, the study will employ various qualitative datasets to understand how classroom talk is perceived and practised in the Ghanaian basic school classroom.

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